Saturday, February 25, 2012

6 weeks into this mommy thing

seven weeks ago i was still pregnant.

now i have a six week old.  crazy.

here are a few highlights from the last couple of weeks...

sweet baby boy -

  • weighs somewhere upwards of 10 lbs (which he weighed when we took him in a couple of weeks ago when i was convinced he had a cold).  i'm guessing he's close to 11 lbs by now
  • was 21.5 inches long a couple of weeks ago
  • wears 0-3 months and 3 months clothes.  he outgrew his newborn clothes A LONG TIME AGO  - mama's got a big boy!
  • has discovered his tongue - it's so cute to have him stick it out and you can almost tell he's trying to figure out what what in the world he's supposed to do with it
  • is much more alert, especially in the mornings and especially in response to mama's voice
  • makes eye contact and rewards us with big smiles and sounds
  • has also started cooing - not full-on coos, but he's makes happy sounds as though he's trying to talk.  melts. my. heart.
  • enjoys visits from grandma - she tries to stop by at least a few times a week - he's very responsive to her voice and rewards her with big elvis smirks
  • loves being read to - favorite books: anything dr. suess like 'the thinks you can think', 'green eggs & ham', 'the cat in the hat' & 'one fish two fish red fish blue fish' - i've read that babies like hearing the inflections in a person's voice when they read to them, and i can say this is certainly true for ronan.  the more inflection i put in my voice (which isn't difficult to do with dr. suess), the more responsive and excited he gets - so fun!
  • has started filling out, especially his cheeks, double-chin, legs, and those piggly-wiggly little toes that i can't stop kissing!
  • hairline is still receding, although he still has a lot of hair, and it's fluffy, especially after a bath.  oh, and the mullet lives on!
  • nicknames: bud, mama's love, baby love, silly love, bud-a-licious, squirmy-worm, flirty mc-flirt, ro-ro, ro-man
  • must be going through a growth spurt.  the last few days he's been completely off his normal three hour routine of eating / wake time / naptime (baby-wise method, which we've implemented).  instead, he's been eating (chugging) every 1 - 1 1/2 hours, and hardly sleeping at all.  it's been a bit rough, but i know his little body is growing.  it's just hard to see him tired yet unable to fall asleep before he's hungry again.  
  • tried out the ergo and baby bjorn for the first time and he really seemed to like being nestled against daddy's chest when he was in them
  • still get hiccups ALL THE TIME.  i know it's normal and it doesn't bother him, but i HATE seeing his body shake with violent hiccups, sometimes for up to a 1/2 hour.  i keep him upright after feedings, burp him well, all the things i should be doing, but this little guy is just super prone to hiccups
  • had first blow-out diaper.  and there have been others since.  we'll just leave it at that.
  • started playing with his activity mat.  the singing toy scares him a bit.  the sad face he makes when the  music starts shouldn't make me laugh, but it does
  • is utterly FASCINATED with the black & white infant stimulation cards i put up in his crib (which i downloaded for free here).  i read that babies loves black/white contrast (since their eyes aren't yet mature enough to perceive other colors), and that is certainly the case with him.  he will stare at them, tries to talk with them, reaches for them. it's amazing to watch!
  • does tummy time daily, usually on his lounger. the last few times he's done tummy time on the lounger, in the crib, while looking at his black & white cards - multi-tasker!
  • apparently doesn't like socks or hats very much.  the socks get kicked off almost instantly - doesn't matter if i pull them up to his knees.  and he screams bloody murder when a hat goes on...well, it's actually just one particular hat now that i think of it...

  • had my 6 week postpartum checkup and was given a clean bill of health - i guess that means i should start working out, but finding the time & motivation...UGGGGH!
  • when i DO start working out, i think yoga/pilates will be my way in.  my back has been killing me since i've had mister ronan, and i know it must be due to breastfeeding and strain that puts especially on my upper back.  besides a massage (which i hope to schedule for next week), i can't think of anything better that will start to strengthen my back up again.
  • also thinking about zumba - a new zumba studio opened up right by our house and i can't think of a funner (and more embarrassing) way to get back in shape
  • have been taking the little mister out and about more, although i definitely try and do it around his feedings as i don't enjoy figuring out the logistics of nursing in public.  we went to cafe sip-n-play again (and i did nurse while there), the mall (daddy joined us) to get some walking in, and out to breakfast together
  • still not eating dairy and chocolate - i eliminated them week 4 hoping that would solve his tummy issues and fussiness.  i've seen a tremendous improvement, so going to stick to it for now, but holy mama, it's hard!  i had no idea how much dairy i was consuming, and i miss it oh so very much.  needless to say, without dairy, caffeine, chocolate, spicy, broccoli and cabbage, my diet is bland and pathetic.  oh, and decaf soy lattes are lame...i want the real thing!
  • CANNOT wait for summer to get here!  next time, we'r having a baby in the summer!  ok, we probably won't be able to control that, but i now realize how much easier it would've been to have him when the weather was warmer.  i'm ready to go for walks without worrying about him catching a cold and being exposed during flu season

and...some pics from the last couple of weeks (taken with my lovely phone because i don't have time to edit too many photos nowadays) - i swear they look SO MUCH better on my phone!

 [enjoying his activity mat]

[mr. fuzzy-head has discovered his tongue!] 

 [yes, he is!]

[talking with mama] 

[mama & her love - taken by tracy] 

[my one-sock bandit...and the cutest piggly-wigglies i've ever seen] 

[just stack the nursing bobby atop the lounger - leave it to dad to come up with a 'super lounger' for bud!]

[so entranced with the black & white - pulling double-duty while doing tummy time]

[spellbound by nicole, who is, by-the-way, pregnant with her 3rd!]

[tell me more, tell the best stories] 

 [loves his 'aunt' sarah]

 [and his 'aunt' tams - somebody was getting his flirt on!]


and because i'm STARVING, a few of the things i miss so much i could just cry... 

[soon, you will be mine again!]

[i so desperately need you every day...]

[didn't know how good i had it until you were off limits...]

[is it weird to desperately long for the days when i can eat broccoli & cabbage again?]


hilldalehouse said...

oh what a great blog! he is so much bigger since we were there!! the super lounger made me lol, love it! said...

love the b&w art work for his crib. Reid and Ronan... so cute together oh my goodness. love reading up on how things are going for you, somehow when we get together and I have the boys too it's so hard to really catch up.