Sunday, January 1, 2012

lazy days before baby...

last week marked the start of my maternity leave.

it was the week between christmas and new years.

i completely lost track of the days and dates and i can't remember the last time that's happened.  I LOVED IT.

the week began with me scrambling to wrap up baby things - finishing up the hospital bags, buying last minute baby necessities (crib sheets, etc), running errands, cleaning, and oh so many other things.

but near the end of the week, things started slowing down.

i spent more time on the couch, relaxing with my pups.  she'll always be my first baby, but i know it's inevitable she'll drop down the totem pole of priority once baby boy arrives.  so for now, she's getting lots of extra love and attention.  she's become even more of a snuggle-bug, nestling in really tight against my belly when we're on the couch together.  i think she senses something major is about to change.

i spent more time blogging - i didn't do as great of a job maintaining my blog in 2011, and not nearly as much as i had hoped during my pregnancy, so every post i do get in near the very end of my pregnancy is a small victory in making sure i remember the special moments (and even those routine or mundane).

i finally found time for a MUCH NEEDED mani/pedi.  i may look like a hot mess during labor & delivery but at least my fingers and toes will look cute.  :)

i spent more time reading - currently trying to finish the following two books before baby boy arrives.

i really started missing my DSLR.  i've been taking pretty much all pictures lately with my new phone, which is great, but i have such little control over the quality of the photos being taken.  i love the convenience of a camera phone, but it's just not even close to the same as shooting with a 'real' camera.  baby boy better watch out because his mama is going to be one crazy camera lady once he arrives!

i became mildly obsessed with pinterest, especially getting sucked into all of the insanely adorable baby items and crafty, creative ideas.  i don't consider myself crafty, but pinterest is motivating me to dig down deep and channel my inner domestic diva...

some of my favorite pinterest finds and inspiration -

newborn hats - i MUST learn how to knit, crochet and sew - oh the possibilities would be endless!

and don't even get me started on...

baby booties (aka - little man shoes) - must have them all!

and because i'm determined to document baby boy's development in a series of sorts i've been trying to decide on one of these ideas for what i'm calling my 12-month project -

i'm just not sure i'll be able to stick to just ONE of these ideas.  right now my two favorites are...

 i love the idea of posing baby with a stuffed animal or toy. i already know which one i would use. sure wish i had one of these cool chairs though!

...and this one because of it's simplicity and more modern feel. now just have to find a massive 'R' somewhere...

and lastly, i'll probably do some sort of 12-month series with baby boy and zoe-girl.  i have no doubt they're going to be good buds, and it'll be fun to see them together as he hits each monthly milestone.

everyone's telling me to relax and enjoy these last few days because life will never be the same after baby comes. so that's what i plan on doing.  i look forward to starting 2012 by taking it easy, finding even more time to relax this week, and taking time to truly anticipate the arrival of my sweet little man.


jgorger said...

Will you send me an invite to that pinterst site please? Glad you are relaxing and getting done good Tab time in!

Bobi said...

ooh love this update and your mani/pedi looks awesome, so need one myself. ok i was gonna say i hope you don't do the chalk thing for your 12 month project. it will be one cold cement that baby will be place on in February for his 1st month. but i loved loved loved your top 2 and def the idea with Zoe girl. you should just use your new glider as the chair, the pattern on that chair would look awesome and a brightly colored plush toy or large letter R would make a great accompaniment for baby boy. looking forward to your blog posts and photography i know you will do such a great job on both. and it will be so cool to look back at it when your baby is older.