Friday, January 6, 2012

just two days...

before baby boy isaacson's official due date.  i was convinced he was going to come early, but it looks like he's determined to prove me wrong.  :)  i suppose there ARE still 2 days left, but since i haven't felt a SINGLE contraction yet, i'm going to assume he's going to be the stereotypical 'late' first baby.

THIS WEEK marked my first official full week of maternity leave.

I ENJOYED time to just relax, watch tv, read and get ready for baby.

I DIDN'T ENJOY the return of the rain.  december spoiled us with it's incredible weather; i'd forgotten how annoying it can be to be out & about in the rain, especially when you can't move as quickly to get out of it!  plus this weather makes me CRAVE coffee like nobody's business - the real stuff, not the decaf that i indulge in every so often.

I ALSO got a bit stir crazy at times because it's just not in my nature to relax for very long.  so i found other ways to occupy my time (cleaning, baking, laundry, errands), which is probably what led to the severe lower abdominal pain i started feeling and which led the hubby to declare that i'm not allowed to be on my feet for more than 5 minute increments.  well that didn't last very long.  :)

I FELT WEIRD not going into work.  i can't remember the last time i just stayed home without a schedule or agenda or because i was sick..  i've held a job since i was 15 years old, so it must be before that.

I DIDN'T MISS traffic!  watching traffic reports on the early morning news made me feel soooo relieved it wasn't me.

I HEARD FROM family and friends anxiously awaiting news of baby boy.  once tuesday hit , everyone was calling...and i didn't mind one bit!  :)  i think it was due to the holidays being over and everyone getting back into their routine this week.  i feel very blessed to have an incredible support system.

I HAVEN'T BEEN FEELING like baby boy needs to get here NOW.  yes, i CANNOT wait to meet him and be done being pregnant.  but i think because this is the first time in many, many years that i've had time to myself, time to somewhat feel caught up on my multiple to-do lists, and time with just the hubs and pups while it's still the 3 of us, i'm ok with baby boy coming when he's good and ready.  now, talk to me this time next week and i may be singing a different tune.

I DECIDED UPON a baby/memory book.  well, it's actually this baby book/memory box, and it was a difficult decision to make because what i really wanted was a combination of the 3 baby books i had it narrowed down to.  in the end, i made a decision based on how cute (and more modern) this book/box set was.  plus, it'll be nice having a box to store mementos.  and i already know i'll be going crazy with my camera and have plans to create photo books to document baby's first year and beyond, so this is really to catch everything else.  maybe it's the first-time-mom syndrome or the fact that i'm a very sentimental person or that i'm sometimes a bit too type A, but i want to make sure i had the right medium for capturing all those memories.

I'VE BEEN CRAVING sweets (nothing new there) and avocados.  i've seriously had avocado almost every single day for the past month.  in fact, this is what my breakfast often consists of...yummmm!

and on that note, i'm going to make myself some breakfast!


Naomi said...

I can't believe he's almost here. I keep thinking any minute we'll get the call or message that baby has arrived. I can't wait. Also, that breakfast looks so yummy. I may have to go buy some avocados today and make some guacamole.

Bobi said...

I too was certain your little guy would be here by now but I know it has to be soon. I'm so looking forward to meeting him. i love the idea of a memory box/book, such a good way to keep all your mementos together.