Sunday, December 4, 2011

sunny days and an excitable pups

we're having an unbelievable stretch of decent weather, so unusual this time of year in the northwest.  and it looks like the trend is continuing...

it may be cold, but i'll take that any day over wet wet wet!

this week, for the first time in weeks, i took a long walk outdoors.  it was sunny, mixed with just the right amount of chill - just perfect!  these days, i'm not moving as quickly as my non-preggers self normally would, but as far as the hubs is concerned, i've finally learned to stroll rather than power-walk, and he couldn't be happier - all it took was me being 8 months pregnant! 

also for the first time since her serious injury , our zoe-girl went for her first walk in over 5 weeks.  we'd been instructed to keep her completely inactive for up to 6 weeks lest she re-injure herself with permanent consequences.  she is now doing MUCH BETTER - the first 2 weeks were heart-breaking and scary- she was in a great amount of pain, and there wasn't much we could do except wait it out. well, she gradually recovered and seems to be back to her normal excitable and silly clown self! 

she also had mounds of pent-up energy from being inactive for weeks, and we finally decided she was well enough to handle a walk.  we strapped on her new harness (no more collars for her) and off we went - doesn't this look like a happy pups??  well, she's smiling on the inside, i promise.  she was ready to stop posing and get her walk started.  :)

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Bobi said...

ohh… it makes my heart happy to see pups up and about, I know you told me she was doing better but I haven't seen her since the injury and to see her on a leash is such a nice surprise. Although I was hoping for a photo with the famous frenchie smiles.