Saturday, December 17, 2011

sunny days and big bellies

the sunny weather continues in the northwest and yesterday we headed down to the columbia river to enjoy

took it easy because i'm not moving too fast these days - that's a 37-week belly folks!

pups was besides herself with excitement.  so many smells.  so many things to roll around in

also had the chance to try out the camera on my new phone - not too bad for a phone camera

why can't fall in the northwest always be like this?


hilldalehouse said...

love these pics!! you look so cool and chic with your belly :) and the pic of reid and zoe with the graffiti is just awesome, not sure why i like it so much, just a cool pic..

Amber said...

Hi Tabitha ~ What an adorable 37 week belly :) You're looking great! Best of luck with these last few weeks. Great camera phone pictures too (I want one! :). xoxo

Naomi said...

Love the pics. Zoe looks so happy to be out and about. That does look like beautiful weather for this time of year in the NW. We've been having unusually warmer weather than normal as well. I'm not complaining.