Sunday, December 4, 2011

nursery project

the nursery has been a "project" for months now.  always in the back of mind, but often put on the back burner.  well, with 5 weeks until my due date (35 days and counting down!), it's time to get it wrapped up.

the hardest thing has been consolidating all the wonderful ideas i found into ONE practical and budget-friendly idea.  also, i'm a person who has a difficult time visualizing what the end result could look like.  i'd much rather be given a visual, an idea, and asked to execute on it - THAT, i know i can do well! 

well, there was progress made on the nursery over the long thanksgiving weekend, but the walls are still bare, and i haven't had a clear idea how i would decorate them to bring the room together.

UNTIL THIS WEEK, when i came across this FANTASTIC idea on pinterest

i'm soooo excited to get started on our alphabet wall, just not sure how it'll happen before baby boy comes.   the woman who posted this picture worked on completing her alphabet over the course of many months.  i don't have that luxury, so i'm hoping to enlist the help of family and friend with this...i've already had a couple of friends volunteer - can't wait to see what they come up with for the letters they chose!

any other takers??  you can 'have' whichever letter/letters you want.  :)

but even if it doesn't come together before baby boy arrives, i'm thrilled to finally have a vision to work toward, and one i'm so very excited about!


Anonymous said...

oooooh! I can totally help you out with this! So excited!!!

Bobi said...

love it, what a creative idea. I love how it fills up the whole wall and that every letter is so different. I think baby boy will love it. It will be fun for him to look at when he is too little to understand but then he will love learning his ABC's from his bedroom wall.
I will help out too.