Tuesday, December 20, 2011

countdown - 19 days!

this is the FASTEST december i've ever experienced! i knew it would fly by, but with five days left till christmas and 19 days till baby boy is due to arrive, i'm realizing time is out of control and i still have SO MUCH left to do.

this is my last week at work before going on leave - it's hard not to be excited about that. :) but between trying to wrap things up at work and using whatever extra energy i have left to prepare for baby, the hospital, the nursery, etc., anything christmas related has taken a very low place on my priority list.

i LOVE christmas, always have, but it truly snuck up this year (we just finally got our tree decorated a this past weekend, and it's a bare-bones decorating job). i've started thinking about christmas presents, and a couple have been purchased online, but for everything else, the thought of braving crowds in any store or mall is my idea of torture right now.

i think i need a christmas miracle to make it all happen.

onto what i'm excited about...
  • at 37 weeks, baby boy is about the length of a stalk of swiss chard (19 in long)
  • according to average measurements, he would weigh apx. 6 1/3 lbs this week; HOWEVER, at his 36 week appt. a week and half ago, per the ultrasound, he measured at 6 1/2 lbs, which means if he's full term, he'll be in the 8 1/2 lb range.  granted their measurements can be off, BUT if they're accurate, i was told he's measuring in the 71st percentile for size - BIG BOY!!  guess it shouldn't surprise me given that the hubs is so much taller/bigger than i am.  also, the recent comments i've been receiving about how my enormous belly ("are you carrying twins??") haven't done anything to alleviate my worries about delivering a large baby boy.  i guess we'll see!
  • he's technically considered 'full term' now, but as much as i would love to meet my little man now, i want him to stay in his cozy little home until the 40 week mark.
  • at last week's ultrasound, they once again saw hair, so we're expecting him to come out with a full head of it.
  • his movements are pretty strong and it seems he responds to our touch.  when the hubs pushes on the belly, baby boy will respond with a push back in the same area - amazing!

me at 37 weeks -
  • for the first time am finding it very challenging to move around - i've been joking about the 'waddle', but for the first time this week, i've found my self truly waddling and not being able to control it.
  • the fatigue is at an all time high, but i get spurts of energy and try to use those to my advantage
  • not getting any false contractons/early labor yet, so that's a good sign
  • feeling VERY RELIEVED to have hired a doula this past week.  it was a last minute decision, but given the fact that i'm trying for a natural, un-medicated birth, we decided to have all the support/help we could, especially this first time around.  she's wonderful and regardless of the outcome, it'll be good to have her there alongside reid.
  • still feeling like there are some critical things to be finished before baby comes - pack hospital bags, figure out the sleeping situation once baby's home, etc., but for the most part, we're in decent shape.  the car seat has been installed, all clothes/blankets/baby things have been washed and put away, and most importantly, we're as mentally prepared as we're ever going to be. 


Naomi said...

I can't believe we are just days away from meeting our little new nephew. I can't believe how big he is already, but I can't say I'm too surprised. You are one brave woman for trying for a natural birth with such a big baby. I'm proud of you.

Tabitha Jivcu said...
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Tabitha Jivcu said...

How exciting Tab...didn't realize you were due so soon...it can happen any day now! You're going to love having a baby boy...they are truly a blessing! And a natural birth w/ your first pregnancy...you are brave! I had a natural birth with Josiah but def not by choice :))

jgorger said...

Fantastic that you hired a doula. Everyone I know that did a natural birth had one and swears by them. You are set! Enjoy these last few days of rest!