Friday, December 30, 2011

nursery glider - before & after

figuring out what to do with the used glider the hubs purchased for the nursery has been on the 'to-do' list for months.  it was an impulse buy on his part because of how cheap he found it on craigslist, plus it had a much sleeker look than many other glider/rockers out there. 

it really isn't a bad looking glider; it's just that i don't think you could find an uglier brown for the cushions if you tried.

some of the options we considered:
  • try to find new cushions - we thought about buying some from IKEA that may have fit ok, but held off.
  • get rid of it and go in a completely different direction.
  • find a way to cover up the ugly brown cushions without spending a lot of money.
well, a couple of months ago, the hubs and i spent about 1 1/2 hours at a fabric store (probably the longest period of time i've EVER spent in a craft/fabric store of any kind) trying to pick out fabric that would coordinate with a nursery that was still a completely vague idea.  we ended up choosing a fabric, which then sat in a drawer for two months, while the glider project slipped near the bottom of the priority list.

well, while at the in-laws on christmas, my wonderful mother-in-law said she was going to take a stab at making slip covers for the glider cushions with the fabric we had purchased.  she used to dabble in sewing many years ago, but hadn't sewn in years, and was a bit scared, but wanted to try.  i gladly took her offer, and yesterday, a mere couple of days later, she stopped by with the finished product.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE NEW CHAIR and was completely blown away by how quickly she was able to finish the slip covers and how great they look.  i'm now thrilled about the chair, and feel like it was the missing piece that makes the nursery come together.  the rest of the nursery is still a work in progress, but this one element makes such a big difference - i can't help but gush about it!  :)

some pictures of the before & after - clearly a HUGE improvement!  and how cute is the giraffe pattern??

an afternoon with the 3 musketeers

yesterday my sister brought the girls over.  i REALLY needed some '3 musketeer' time, and we figured it would most likely be the last time i get to spend with just them before baby boy arrives.

they were over most of the afternoon and well into the evening.  jen & audrey as well as sue ended up stopping by impromptu, making it a full, fun house! 

and don't even get me started on how much fun zoe-girl had - little girls running around, dropping chocolate chip cookie making fixins to the floor for her to snatch up, intoxicating baby smell everywhere...i'm pretty sure it was her favorite day.  :)

...make that 4.

they told me in order for them to be 'baking queens' they had to put flour on their faces...well, who could argue with that?!  :)

Monday, December 26, 2011

christmas 2011

it was our last Christmas before baby boy joins our family

it was a day spent with family
there was great food to be eaten
there were games to be played
there were presents to be opened

above all it was a day filled with love and peace.

some of the memories...

and the MANY attempts to get the perfect christmas family photo...

AND....i think we got it!