Saturday, November 12, 2011

he's flipped!

yesterday morning we had an ultrasound - i was giddy with anticipation going into it, more so than with any other ultrasounds expect the one where we found out the gender, because i was dying to know if baby boy had flipped himself into position since the last ultrasound 4 weeks ago. 

4 weeks ago he was in breech position, but since then, i have felt TONS of movement, more than the rest of my pregnancy combined, and i was convinced (and hoping) that meant he was flipping himself around.  well...he's flipped!  there's a reason for all the movement, beside that he's just getting bigger. 

i continue to be in awe of modern technology and the miracle of our human bodies.

a couple of other highlights from yesterdays visit -
  • apparently baby boy has lot of hair, as evidenced by the white specks in the below picture.  the ultrasound tech told us it's very rare to see that, so i guess that means he's going to have quite a mane of hair on his cute little head!  reid's convinced that means baby's going to have dark hair b/c he's never heard of or seen a blond haired baby come out with tons of hair, but the doc told us it's really variable, so we could still end up with a blond haired baby (reid was a tow-head until his adult life, so it's definitely possible), which i would love!  reid's convinced baby's going to look like me, darker skin, dark hair - a little gypsy baby!  :)
don't they look like shark's teeth?
  • baby weighs 4 lbs, according to all the ultrasound measurements they took.  not sure why that shocked me, but 4 lbs sounds like a big baby with 8 weeks left to go!  doc assured us he's right on track to being close to a 7 1/2 lb baby, and also told me i'm going to get MUCH BIGGER - not very assuring!  not sure how that's going to happen b/c i honestly feel like i couldn't possible grow any more, but apparently i'm wrong, very wrong. 

and just for fun - a few pictures of reid and i as babies.  he was such a cute child, and i absolutely cherish these pictures that his mom has done such a great job of preserving!  blond hair, blue eyes, pretty much as all-american as you can get!  and the complete opposite of me.  :)

makes me all the more excited to see what our little guy will look like - will he take srongly after one of us, or will his be features be a mix of the two?  8 more weeks until we find out!!

such a little poser!  he HATES taking pictures nowadays, so i'm not sure what happened between then and now, but he didn't seem to mind the camera one bit as a boy!

one of my favs of him - love the pose, and how stinking adorable he looks!  definitley does not look like a child that would ever create any mischief in any of his classes.  :)

and then there's me...i don't think reid's far off when he calls me his little gypsy.  :)

and because i can't resist - a few more from the ultrasound yesterday -

his beautiful head, positioned just as it should be!

a view of his nostrils, from the bottom up - just thought this was kind of funny

and last but not least, the cutest baby profile ever - still has his boxing hands right up by his face

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Naomi said...

I didn't know Reid had blonde hair. I'm not sure if I've seen him without a hat. I probably have and just can't remember. I think baby boy with blonde hair would be adorable. A gypsy baby would be fine too. ;P I'm glad he's flipped around though.