Wednesday, November 30, 2011

baby steals

i've always been a sucker for good deals.

i RARELY buy anything full priced.

clearance racks are my friends!

so while it would be great to have everything brand-spanking new for baby boy, we have NO PROBLEM buying used!

that's why it was beyond exciting to get amazing deals on not one, but two of our big baby purchases in the last week!

stroller -

we've been trying to decide on a stroller for months now.  we finally had it narrowed down (or so i thought) to the Bob and the Bumbleride (after giving up on the UppaBaby due to its price and lack of all-terrain features).  and while it wouldn't be our first choice aesthetically or in the way it's engineered (in reid's opinion), we even purchased the Bob from REI during their huge labor day sale.  it's been sitting in the box, unopened while we've scoured craigslist for used Bobs and Bumblerides for many weeks. 

then last weekend the hubs came across a craigslist ad for a Bugabbo Gecko for a ridiculous price.  the bugaboo wasn't even on our radar for many reasons, and to be honest, i wasn't sure i wanted one, even used.  i feel like there's such a status symbol stigma attached to them, and that thought makes me cringe and uncomfortable...but in the end, the good deal won out and we now have a like-new stroller complete with the footmuff and many other accessories the seller threw in - all for less than 1/3 the price just the stroller used to sell for new.  now that's a good find and one we couldn't pass on!

infant car seat -

we had no intention of buying a used one - we've done enough research to know this is one of those few baby purchases that should be made new to ensure the seat hasn't been in an accident and/or hasn't reached its expiration date.  plus we were gifted the chicco we registered for - what i didn't realize when i put it on the registry, the bottom of the seat doesn't snap into a shopping cart and this i was told by multiple moms, would be a huge inconvenience.  so we returned it to BRU, and were hoping to find a graco we liked since that's the only other brand compatible with our stroller in a price range we're willing to pay.

long story short, we couldn't find something without a mickey mouse, multi-colored starburts or camo pattern at BRU - good looking neutral-patterned gracos exist, apparently they're just not sold at BRU!  so the search continued...until i was told about a co-worker looking to sell her very neutral and extremely well taken care of graco car seat and base for $30.  what?!  it fit all the criteria we were looking for, so on monday, i brought this baby home, thrilled at the find!!

it was a successful 'shopping' week and just in the nick of time!  gotta get that car seat installed before baby boy decides to make an appearance.

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Bobi said...

I am so happy for you Tab that you have gotten your two big purchases out of the way and what successful buys. I love the stroller of course have always liked the bugaboo style and quality construction. I wouldn't even think twice about the status thing.
And that is so great that you found someone with a good car seat and you can trust them. You know I had borrowed the car seat for Seth from a friend and now we just borrowed another one from my sis-in law for Luke. I feel that if you can see and be assured of the fact that there was no damage to the car seat and it's not too old or recalled for any reason, you should have nothing to worry about and also saved yourself a lot of money in the process. Good for you.