Thursday, October 27, 2011

cute baby boy clothes DO exist!

we all know women have more and better clothing options than men do, and it definitely begins with baby clothes.  i LOVE looking at baby girl clothes and have always enjoyed buying them in the past.  but i can't remember ever being excited about baby boy clothes, even now, which is probably the reason i haven't purchased a single article of clothing for my little guy yet. 

oh, but then i discovered 'naartjtie'.  just check these out...

and this little number, which has already been purchased for baby boy isaccson by a dear friend!  i couldn't help but buy the matching hoodie.  :)

the clothes are so fun, so whimsical - i'm in love! unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, there isn't a store terribly close by, so for now, i'll just be drooling over them online.  just good to know that cute baby boy clothes do in fact exist.   :)


Bobi said...

I remember feeling that way about clothing options for boys, (before Seth was due) but now I love this fact, it keeps me in check with how much I shop for him.
I love H&M for some baby boy clothes. I seem to always walk out of there with something for Seth.
I believe there is a "naartjtie" near your work, I know my mom loves that store for clothing she has gotten Seth some things from there before.

Monica said...

Love the store and the clothes! They are so decently priced, too! I have a friend who is having a baby girl and the colors of her nursery are beige on beige :) and she had this cute idea to take a picture frame, line the inside with a print paper/fabric and tack antique baby shoes and a white dress she found on ebay for $5. Maybe you could do something similar with an outfit? And use the colors of the outfit for your accent colors in the room? A baby boy hat would look cute in a frame like that, too.