Saturday, October 15, 2011

27 weeks - now that's flexible!

this was a busy week for baby-related matters!

wednesday morning we had a doctor's appt where we saw baby again.  cannot believe how much he's changed since the last ultrasound, biggest change being his size and how 'squished' he appears to be in his little home.  there really isn't any more room for him, so i guess the only other option is that i'll be getting bigger - yikes!

found out he's in breech position and currently folded in half with his feet up around his face - now that's flexible!  maybe we have a future romo gymnast on our hands...

and isn't that cutest little face you've ever seen?!  being able to see him is such a blessing and miracle each time - it's building the anticipation until i can actually meet my little guy in person.

also had my glucose screening test at wednesday's appt - not going to lie, i was pretty freaked out about this, mostly b/c i was scared of not passing the test, being diagnosed with gestational diabetes, etc.  i LOVE sweets, and haven't been the best about eliminating them from my pregnancy diet, plus my history with elevated insulin levels.  well, i hadn't heard anything by yesterday so i called the nurse, and was told that i passed with a score of 105!!!  i had to be under 140, and would've taken 139. what a relief!!! 

so i celebrated with some ice-cream last night.

on wednesday night, we attended our first child-birth prep class.  it definitely felt like being back in school, which i miss, but better because it's all subject matter i actually really care to learn about!  :)  after intros and all that not-so-fun ice-breaker stuff, the main focus of class was on signs of labor, the various stages of labor, etc. 

realized everyone in the class has a name picked out for their baby - EXCEPT US!
realized we're definitely near the older end of the spectrum when it comes to the other couples in our class, 'near' being the key word.

some of the key things we took away -

only about 10% of labors begin with the water breaking (so NOT the way it's portrayed in the movies!)

differences between pre-labor contractions and true labor contractions

waiting until 5-1-1 to go to the hospital for labor- contractions are 5 min apart, 1 min long for 1 hour (this sounds great in theory, but we'll see about reality!  apparently the hospital has no problem sending you home if they need to, so good thing we're literally a 2 minute drive from our hospital!)

just seeing the visual diagrams of what's happening with my insides as the baby continues to grow was amazing!  the way everything moves up and shifts around to make room for baby is unreal!  you wouldn't think it was possible, and no wonder pregnancy women get heartburn, shortness of breath, etc.  everything is packed and condensed in there!!

here's what's new with baby this week -

  • the size of a cauliflower - about 14.5 inches long with legs extended. 
  • per the ultrasound tech this week, he weighs 2.1 lbs and is measuring exactly on his due date- Jan 8
  • he's sleeping and waking at regular intervals, opening and closing his eyes - i can say i've definitely detected a sleeping pattern.  every morning between 5:30 and 6am i can feel him moving around quite strongly - that's about as long as i can sleep in nowadays.  :)
  • brain is very active
  • lungs are still immature but would be capable of functioning if baby were to be born now.  crazy.

everything else -
  • registries were finished this week - woohoo!!! 
  • still trying to figure out the logistics for a maternity photo shoot - something VERY low key that will be shot by one of reid's friends who also happens to be an amazing photographer on the side - biggest obstacle right now is the weather...
  • nursery prep has reached a standstill - the crib and dresser have been assembled, but that's it.  also, reid managed to snap an amazing deal on a glider rocker and ottoman on craigslist ($50!!)
    • now, figuring out how to arrange and decorate the room is proving to be a bit more challenging.  using pinterest and the help of a dear sister who's MUCH more creatively inclined and crafty when it comes to these sort of things will be very helpful.  wish she could come here for a few days and figure it all out for me.  :)  i can find pictures of a million nurseries i LOVE like the ones below.  but having all these choices makes it even more difficult to know where to being.  choices aren't always a good thing.

here's what our nursery looks like now - brown cushions on the glider have got to go!

and here's what i eventually want it to look like - any of these will do!  :)


happy me said...

It's fun to follow your anticipation of your baby boy.

We live in Tualatin so I feel a connection to you that way.

I told my daughter you had a French Bulldog and she asked me to ask you if you're familiar with any rescue French Bulldogs. She doesn't want to buy from a breeder and would prefer a non-puppy.

Anyway. Zoe is a doll. Wishing you all the happiness your baby boy will bring.

Debra (

Anonymous said...

oh tabs, i'm so happy for you guys! I was secretly hoping this post would include baby isaacson's name.. so i can plaster it on stuff i will make for him :)
and I'm so glad you mentioned your maternity shoot... i was wondering who would take your pics... do you already have an idea of what you want your pics to look like?

oh man, i so wish i could be there to help you with the nursery.. and to hang out and girl/sister-talk over stumptown coffee...

but maybe when the continental plates start moving, and California and the entire west coast is at risk of slipping into the Pacific, maybe then you guys will finally seriously consider moving to Dallas - where all we have to worry about is tornados, blinding rain, baseball-sized hail, and angry Cowboys' fans...

but until then, i will focus on planning my trip to see ya'll in January, so I can kiss my new nephew (and Audrey :)) and to ease the pain of turning 30! with some Stumptown coffee, sweet potato fries and Boccone Dolce

Bobi said...

I loved reading this post, I wanted to tell you so earlier but I had a weird weekend and anyway more on that another time. Love all the updates and the info you got from your class. I didn't know the 5-1-1 rule but will probably be doing that this time around.
I also love reading your Lyg's comment, I found myself laughing out loud reading it. I think all those nursery ideas are gorgeous and can't wait to see what you guys go with. looking forward to our cupcake day. Hope i don't eat too many and instead of help out be more of a problem for you…. ;)