Monday, August 22, 2011


couldn't resist posting my favorite photo of our zoe-love.  in five short months, she will no longer be our only baby - but she'll always be our first baby, and she'll never be loved any less.

her side-saddle stance just kills me!  she may look relaxed but she couldn't wait to be done with this impromptu photo shoot.  :)

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Monday, August 15, 2011

beautiful eyes

words can't describe how much i miss this little guy. 

his amazing baby blues are just the beginning.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

all in a day's hike

after a couple of hours of trying to decide what to do with the last day of a gorgeous weekend we decided to venture into the columbia gorge and try a new hike on sunday.  we hadn't hiked in quite some time (maybe last summer?) and i didn't know how i'd feel hiking while being preggers, but we decided to go for it anyway, and so glad we did!

oh, did i mention zoe-girl was with us?!  this was her first hike, and we had our reservations, her being a frenchie after all - they get small spurts of energy, but aren't really built for long distances.  well, she was such a trooper!  she loved every minute of it, even the steeper climbs and especially loved stopping at all the water features.  oh and smelling every rock, leaf, tree, etc.  and of course, meeting all the other dogs on the trail.  yea, she had a good day.  :)

the hike started at the 'horsetail falls' trailhead, swung us behind 'ponytail falls', looped around 'oneonta gorge' and then took us to 'triple falls'.  the hike itself was gorgeous, with multiple waterfalls along the way, and most of the hike was through the forest, so we kept fairly cool.  but the best part, and completely unexpected, was what waited for us at the top of 'triple falls' - a valley with areas to sit and enjoy a picnic lunch or just lay on a big rock and bask in the sun for a while, which is what we did!  next time, we're bringing food and wine and spending a couple of hours there - can't wait to go back!

a few pictures from our day {all taken with my point & shoot canon elph}

{reid walking zoe down to the water to cool her down;  he's carrying her b/c she was so excited to get down there, she started jumping down the rocks fearlessly, and he got scared she would hurt herself}

{first baby bump picture.  baby boy isaacson is definitely starting to show!}

{beautiful valley/glen at the top of 'triple falls'}

{view from the bottom of the valley}

{my two loves}

{that's a smile on her face, i promise!}

{view of 'oneonta gorge' from the top}

{zoe-girl posing for the camera}

{view of the gorge from along the trail}

{the rock cavern behind 'ponytail falls' and baby bump picture #2}

{'ponytail falls'}

{a day well spent!}