Sunday, March 20, 2011

photo club {green}

i was THRILLED to be invited to be part of a photography club ('our little photography club @ portland') a couple of weeks ago.  i could talk photography for hours, and now have a group of wonderful ladies with whom i can share my passion for photography as well as learn from and find inspiration.

while the goal is to meet monthly, we have weekly themes, and this week's was 'green.'  having a focus for my photography was so fun, and i found myself seeing green everywhere!

a few of my green finds -

{the hubs and i were at the oregon coast last weekend, and stumbled upon this jewel in newport, or.  besides being the cutest shade of green, the food was FANTASTIC, and we can't wait to go back!}

{love these!}
{'the noodle cafe' reflection in the window next door}

{green finds in nw portland}


i took a very literal interpretation for this theme and looked for green items that spoke to me. would love to hear what you think!  are there any of these you would have edited out?

now, here's a link to amber's blog for her interpretation of 'green.'  enjoy!  :)


Amber said...

Yea Tabitha! I love that you were "seeing green everywhere" this week :) I found myself thinking about the assignment a lot (too much!?) too. My favorites of your green are of the Noodle Cafe. That's a very cool green, for sure. But I can't decide if I like the one from the front or the reflection better. Nice work!! :)

lucy said...

FUN! these are fantastic and I love all of the different colors and tones of green. I also love that you captured food!

Bobi said...

I absolutely love the green finds in NW especially the rack with the different wrapping paper and then the one directly beneath that photo. The different shades of green for your assignment was a great idea, you gave many flavors of green for your viewers to enjoy. good job.

Tabitha said...

thanks all!

lucy, you KNOW i had to capture food - in fact, i really held back b/c i had quite a few other food photos that really represented green as well. :)