Monday, March 28, 2011

photo club {distance}

this week's theme - distance - was challenging for me.  it's much more abstract than green (last week's theme) and that really stretched my often structured, type A mind. 

i had to think outside the box, and would have loved to gather more inspiration from the outdoors, but the weather definitely didn't cooperate this last week, so my outdoor ideas & plans didn't quite come to fruition.

{in this photo, i played around with depth-of-field to show distance - the distance between these measuring cups was much greater than it appears - i also shot this using manual focus, which i rarely use, but worked much better in getting this shot}

{and just for fun, one of the photos i took at my nephew's 1st bday party this weekend - the distance to his birthday cake must have seemed vast to him!  the way he's eyeing the cake cracks me up - that cake had no idea what it was in for!!}

for more {distance} inspiration, hop over to amber's blog.  i absolutely LOVE her interpretation and am most certainly going to be stealing that idea!  :)


Shannon said...

Love these! Distance was really challenging for me too!

Amber said...

Yea! Very cool picture showing depth of field (and love the measuring cups too :)! Yes, this challenge was nothing but abstract.

lucy said...

those measuring cups are adorable!!! I love the DOF and excellent focus.

Amber said...

Would LOVE to see what you'd do "stealing" my idea with these balloons :) I found them at Lipman's on SE Yamhill.

Naomi said...

I think to Easton, that cake was miles away.

Ashley Sisk said...

I love both shots - especially the reflection in the first shot.