Thursday, March 24, 2011

more than just a chinese dinner

last friday we were invited to the home of one of reid's childhood friends for a home-cooked chinese dinner.

the dinner was prepared by his friend's mother who was born in china and came to the states as an adult.  we were so very honored to have her cook traditional chinese dishes for us, and i'm not talking about one entree, i'm talking about an entire feast! 

well, of course, i couldn't stop snapping pictures and was happy to get there before she was completely finished cooking because i was able to see her finish up the 'sweet & sour pork' as well as prep everything for serving. 

here's the menu as best i can remember it:

-sweet & sour pork
-bbq pork (got this recipe, can't wait to try it!)
-chinese broccoli & beef
-egg rolls (made from scratch, just like everything else)
-chicken & veggie stir fry
-pumpkin & mascarpone log cake (guessing on the name)
-peach mousse cake (guessing on the name)
-jasmine tea

granted, we were told this meal was her 'milder' version of authentic chinese cuisine, the one she typically makes for her american friends.  she wasn't sure how adventurous our palettes were, so she wanted to ease us into the more traditional dishes, hence no chicken feet on the table this time!

not only was the meal delicious, we spent hours around the dinner table as she recounted fascinating stories from her childhood in china, how she came to the states as an adult, and the dental ministry she and her husband are currently involved with in china, which keeps them there almost year round.

it was an incredible evening and such an honor to hear her life journey and be inspired by the way in which God has worked in her life, and the blessing that she and her husband have been to so many others.

family, friends, food and faith - it's not an evening we will soon forget.


Kami said...

I would die for that pot of Jasime tea!!

Leegee Lou said...

oh my word! i'm seriously drooling! gah! i so wish i could've been there! she must be an amazing cook! the cakes are so perfect and pretty!!!

Naomi said...

Yep........drool dripping all over the place here. Looks very yummy. Though I'm glad she left out the chicken feet. Not sure I'll ever be exotic or adventurous enough to try those.

Amber said...

what a neat post capturing such a memorable meal! love all your "action" pictures of the cooking process. the food looks absolutely delicious. yum!