Thursday, February 24, 2011

a mostly snow-less adventure

it was all a big tease.  there was no 'snow-mageddon' or 'snow-pocalypse' or anything remotely close today. 

some parts of the city were definitely 'hit' harder than others, meaning they may have received the 1-4 inches predicted, but most of us were lucky to receive a dusting.  yes, i realize it's embarrassing to refer to 1-4 inches of snow as anything even remotely close to a snowstorm, but the news media outlets were in such a frenzy to report on the upcoming storm, we all bought into it.  so much so that most portland and vancouver school districts were closed today, and most persons i know (including myself) chose to work from home today, fearing quite the treacherous road conditions. 

we did manage to see some snow on the ground and even some falling from the sky at various times throughout the day.

once the work day was over, we set out on a snow adventure...first to find some more of it. 

and secondly, to take some photos.  but today was not to be an SLR day.  today i was excited to try out my new hipstamatic iphone app. 

and...i'm pretty sure i'm in love with it.

here's a sampling of our day.

{my zoe-love}

{getting some lovin' from uncle ryan}

{i managed to find some snow}

{drawn to the railroad tracks}

{where's reid?}

{also drawn to trains}


{and bridges}




{visiting brand new maddie at the hospital - it melted my heart to see reid with her}
we may not have had our blizzard, but there were still adventures to be had.  :)


Bobi said...

aww... I love seeing that little baby in Reid's arms. He sure looks comfortable holding the teeny tiny baby... hmm I think someone is ready for his own...;)
Awesome captures Tabi... I especially love the railroad shot. I've been wanting to do some railroad photos with Deejay I think it may make it into her senior photo shoot.

Marla said...

I got that app last week and I love it. Great shots. :)

Marla @

leavesnbloom said...

My favourite is that scene where you are capturing the landscape looking down the railway track - beautiful .

Courtney said...

Tabitha, these are all fantastic! I love that you had such a large variety to see. I appreciate you linking up to iPhoneology. Would you mind linking back to my blog so anyone visiting could have the same opportunity to link up? I'd appreciate that very much. So glad to have you - fantastic shots!

Courtney Kirkland said...

Gasp. Love these...that one of the railroad track is absolutely stunning!! Great job! Such wonderful captures!! :-)

AmyLee said...

we got the blizzard up here in seattle!! gorgeous pics.

happy me said...

I enjoy all your photos, but the one of Zoe holds 1st place!

We had narrowed down our new family member to either a puggle or a french bulldog four years ago. So Zoe has a special place in my heart.


Anonymous said...

love you photos!
found you through Curtney blog :-)