Saturday, February 5, 2011

a lucky week

so RARELY do i win anything, i can't remember the last time it's happened.  in fact, while i consider myself very blessed, LUCKY i am not.

however, in the past week, i've won not once, but twice.

first, at work, i won a $50 McMenamins gift card for being the first person to correctly guess a number between 1 and 100.   a fantastic win since the hubs and i are huge McMenamins fans (you fellow oregonians/nw washingtonians know what i'm talking about!)

and yesterday, i found out i was one of two lucky winners of the super-cute t-shirt over at 'forever'n ever'n always photography (which i blogged about here and can't wait to receive!)

one win would've been enough to send me into giddy-ville, but two in one week, well, that's just somethin' else!


1 comment:

Bobi said...

awesome Tab I am so happy for your wins. Both are very cool in their own right. Enjoy McMenamins.