Monday, February 7, 2011

fun weekend discoveries

the weekend was a whirlwind, what with super bowl and everything - but the funnest part was discovering not one, but two fantastic new places in portland!

'fido's indoor dog park

rainy winter days means very few trips to outdoor dog parks with our zoe-girl, so finding a new indoor dog park that's not only awesome for dogs and well thought out but one that's inviting for humans (like offering a full service cafe, lots of seating and free wi-fi) made us VERY happy!

{photo taken from the company's website}

playdate pdx

i should have known places like this exist in portland, but was still amazed to discover it.  heard about it from a good friend who wanted to go with her 10 month old, and i thought it would be fun to bring easton, so off we all went, and it was a blast! 

for $5 per child (and that's the more expensive weekend price) you get an entire day of fun for your child (and adults too, because i sure had my share of fun on the giant slides) and a great place to relax for the adults.  not only are there couches and tables for lounging, they have a full service cafe and they serve stumptown coffee - really, what else do you need?!

we were so excited to have found this place for the kiddos and ourselves and will definitely be back.  :)

{photo taken from the company's website}

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Bobi said...

ooh..we are gonna have to try that dog park. Didn't know anything like that existed. thanks for sharing this. Had a blast at the playdate... repeat soon I hope.