Sunday, February 27, 2011


i've been saying good-bye to this little man.  after almost 6 months of living with us, my sister and easton have moved out, and it's been more than a little bittersweet. 

even zoe misses him. in the evenings, she watches the front door waiting for him to walk in.

the long roadSweet Shot Day

i've discovered that even the best marriages can use a little tune-up from time-to-time.  for valentine's day, i told the hubby all i wanted was for us to attend 'the art of marriage' conference at our church.  it was the first time in 7 years of marriage we'd attended something like this, and even the though the hubs initially went grudgingly and as a favor to me, we both left feeling it was the most valuable thing we've ever done for our marriage.  

i've been watching my nieces get older.  little miss kadence turned three this month, and we celebrated with a dora-themed party complete with lots of little princess running around.  her new hair-cut couldn't have been timed any better.  she definitely looks like a big girl now, don't you think?  :)

i was honored to win my first photo contest.  thank you to the lovely faith for selecting my photo as a finalist and for everyone who voted for it.  i knew this photo was special to me for many reasons, but receiving that validation was exciting and humbling. 

i found my mr. darcy.  i finally got around to watching the BBC adaptation of 'pride and prejudice' and i LOVE colin firth in that role.  getting caught up in the love story of mr. darcy and lizzie bennett for a few hours is not a bad way to spend a saturday afternoon.

suffice to say, i have a little crush on this mr. darcy. :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

a mostly snow-less adventure

it was all a big tease.  there was no 'snow-mageddon' or 'snow-pocalypse' or anything remotely close today. 

some parts of the city were definitely 'hit' harder than others, meaning they may have received the 1-4 inches predicted, but most of us were lucky to receive a dusting.  yes, i realize it's embarrassing to refer to 1-4 inches of snow as anything even remotely close to a snowstorm, but the news media outlets were in such a frenzy to report on the upcoming storm, we all bought into it.  so much so that most portland and vancouver school districts were closed today, and most persons i know (including myself) chose to work from home today, fearing quite the treacherous road conditions. 

we did manage to see some snow on the ground and even some falling from the sky at various times throughout the day.

once the work day was over, we set out on a snow adventure...first to find some more of it. 

and secondly, to take some photos.  but today was not to be an SLR day.  today i was excited to try out my new hipstamatic iphone app. 

and...i'm pretty sure i'm in love with it.

here's a sampling of our day.

{my zoe-love}

{getting some lovin' from uncle ryan}

{i managed to find some snow}

{drawn to the railroad tracks}

{where's reid?}

{also drawn to trains}


{and bridges}




{visiting brand new maddie at the hospital - it melted my heart to see reid with her}
we may not have had our blizzard, but there were still adventures to be had.  :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

the weather is a changin'

or so the weather experts tell us.  up to four inches of snow on the valley floor by tomorrow they say, and i, for one, am more than ready for it!

compared to what the rest of country has experienced in the last month, four inches is just a dusting.  but for us in the northwest, an inch can sometimes shut the whole city down.  four inches may as well be a blizzard as far as the city resources and snow plows are concerned. 

but this may well be the only snow we see this winter, so as far as i'm concerned, bring it on!

while i love this...

Sweet Shot Day

and this...

i'm ready for some of this...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

winter around these parts

while most of the country has been digging its way out of crazy snowstorms recently, things have been pretty uneventful in the northwest.  if anything, it's been slightly colder than we're used to, and by that i mean we may have had a few days where it got as low as the 20's and we cranked up the house temp from 70 to 72. 

ya, nothing too crazy.

we try to take advantage of every dry day we get in the winter, so when we have a weekend with no rain, it's cause for celebration and we try to at least get out for walk with our pups.

one of our favorite walks is a five minute drive from our house - a greenway/trail that makes its way along a river.  while i've often photographed it in the summer, i thought it'd be fun to see what the winter landscape would look like through my lens.

i discovered i'm beginning to like winter more and more around these parts.

Sweet Shot Day


the long road

and just for fun...pups discovering all sorts of intoxicating smells!  :)

Live and Love...Out Loud