Monday, January 31, 2011

i heart faces challenge - {best face in january}

woo-hoo, my second challenge!

in some ways, this is an easy challenge because i have hundreds of january photos to choose from thanks to my recent dallas trip. 

however, it's difficult for the same reason - how to choose just one?  should i go with sweet or funny?  wish i could post more than one, but ultimately, this photo did me in.  this is baby luke in a nutshell. 

adorable.  sweet.  playful.  and just a bit flirty.  :)


this challenge is a 'people's choice' one, so if you like the photo, please click on the 'iheartfaces' icon below and vote for it tues - thurs of this week (# 335)

thanks much!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

under construction

the blog, that is...

working on the layout and design - boy this is time-consuming!!  :)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

lem photo challenge - {anything}

having recently discovered many amazing photography blogs and being a lover and learner of photography myself, i've been meaning to join many of the fun challenges out there, but never seem to get around to it.

well today i ran across the 'anything' challenge at 'live every moment' and thought,  "i can do that!" so here's my 'anything' shot -

my sweet sweet SWEET 6 month nephew luke who i just returned from visiting in dallas.  i took pictures by the hundreds, so narrowing them down is proving to be an enormous feat, but this picture just does me in - the cheeks, his expression and the hat (which was crocheted - or knitted? by my sister) - it all just makes me melt!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

chasing waterfalls

monday, the hubs and i had an adventure. 

the weather turned out to be a pleasant surprise in that, unlike the few days before it, the rains stopped and we even had some pockets of sunshine, combined with weather in the 50's.  we decided to head into the Columbia Gorge, one of the many natural wonders we're so blessed to have at our fingertips in the Northwest.

we knew that because of the heavy rains, the waterfalls in the gorge would be spectacular, so we made our way to the Historic Columbia River Highway and began seeking them out.  it wasn't difficult because if there's something the gorge has and abundance of, it's waterfalls.

our intention wasn't to do any serious hiking or trekking, it was merely to discover waterfalls we hadn't seen before, take some photos and bask in God's amazing creation. 

- the highlights -

Shepperd's Dell - the waterfall, bridge, amazing lines, everything about this place was breathtaking - reid had to drag me away!

Latourell Falls - not sure how reid talked me into it, but not only did we walk down to the waterfall, he thought it would be fun to make our way down to the river, climb over VERY slick rocks and then climb up a very muddy embankement to get behind the waterfall.  i was game, but little did either of us realize what we were in for.  it took all of two seconds of sheets of water coming at us sideways to completely soak us through.  there was no going back, just putting our head down and continuing our climb.  but standing behind the waterfall, completely drowned out in its roar, definitely made our spontaneous mini-adventure worth it!  luckily we had brought a change of clothes.  the picture of us smiling?  yea, that was taken after we changed.  :)

Bridal Veil - we had driven by it so many times but had never hiked down to the falls.  wow.  what a beautiful falls, definitely worth a stop.

Oneanta Gorge - again, never knew this existed - so fun to discover the tunnel, built into the massive rock wall - so very fun for jumping photos and for photographing bridges!  can't wait to return back her in the summer and really explore this 'gorge within a gorge.'

Multnomah Falls - of course we had to make the token stop here, even if it was for all of 30 seconds.

and since were already 1/2 way there and famished, it seemed only fitting we continue on to one of our favorite eateries in one of our favorite places, Hood River.  we had our favorite fish & chips at the Full Sail Brewery & Pub - seriously, to die for and the best coleslaw and tartar sauce under the sun!

our hour-long drive back home along the columbia river was the icing on top due to one of the most beautiful sunsets we've ever seen in these parts.  it truly was the perfect ending to a perfect day.

oh, and our total waterfall count for the day: 39

Monday, January 17, 2011

a little boy and his sock monkey hat

a few days ago, little mister easton received THE cutest gift from his auntie lyg.

a crocheted sock monkey hat.

believe me when i tell you a cuter baby hat you will be hard pressed to find!  and if the number of ladies stopping in their tracks at the grocery store are any indication, i'm not the only one who thinks so!  :)

**the hat (which was VERY well made) was purchased from Crochet Hats and More's etsy shop. the photos on her site don't come close to doing the hats (and booties) justice. **

Saturday, January 15, 2011

long weekend joy

thanks to my company's observance of MLK Jr. day next monday, i have a three day weekend, and for the first time in quite some time, this weekend isn't filled up with plans, obligations or any other pressing matters.

the weather forecast around these parts calls for stormy skies and lots of rain.  which is just perfect if you ask me.

because this long weekend i fully intend to...

enjoy the warmth of coffee shops.  and coffee


snuggle up with her


start (and maybe finish) a new book


spend lots of time kissing and squeezing this face


and maybe, just maybe i'll get around to the laundry.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

i have THE best sisters!

i wasn't planning to post today, but i'm beyond excited about the surprise that awaited me when i got home from work!

first of all, let me say, I LOVE SURPRISES!  i especially enjoy surprising others, and certainly don't mind receiving them.  :)

so in the mail today i received a gift card to Sur la table from two of my lovely sisters (lyg & nomers) and their hubbies as a thank you for hosting our HUGE thanksgiving dinner/family reunion last year and for hosting them at our house.  little do they know that having them stay with us and having the entire fam together for the first time in about a decade was the best gift i could have received.  period.

so what really makes this gift special is that although i've never mentioned it to either of them, i've long desired to take a professional cooking class.  i guess sisters really do think alike.  there's absolutely nothing better they could have surprised me with (except another visit!) - i CANNOT wait to put this gift to use.

i truly have THE best sisters.  love you guys!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

dallas, here i come!

the flight has officially been purchased, and in 13 LONG days i will see this face for the second time ever.  and this time i will have him ALL TO MYSELF!   i'm completely smitten with mister luke, my youngest nephew - to say i'm excited about this trip would be an enormous understatement! 

oh, and all the yummy southern BBQ i plan on consuming- well, that'll just be a very nice bonus.  :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

burn, baby, burn!

at least that's what those calories better be doing!

today i stepped on a treadmill for the first time in over 6 months.  i realized i no longer had any good excuses not to go.  today i had the time and, for a short window of time, the motivation to hit the gym again, so off i went.

honestly, i was pleasantly surprised that my body remembered how to put one foot in front of the other in a rapid motion, and while my pace was much slower than before, i surprised myself by running almost 1.5 miles continuously.  i walked the rest of the time, but that 1.5 mile was huge for me!  sure, some of my toes cramped up while i was running (never had that happen before!) but the fact that i got above a speed-walk was just the boost of motivation i needed to return.  at least that's what i hope will happen.


had a realization today - not rocket science by any means, and one i've had many times before, but i realize how much easier it is (for me, anyway) to tend to focus on the negatives rather than the positives in my life. 

i've decided to make a more conscious effort to identify those things i'm grateful for or which bring a *sparkle* to my day, each day.  i'll just tack those things on to the end of my posts. 

here's today's list:

  • the salad my hubby made for my lunch today - better than i ever would have made for myself!
  • the christmas lights still up in the neighborhood - i choose to believe those homeowners still feel the christmas spirit, not that they're lazy.  :) 
  • a light commute on i-5 heading home today - what a nice treat on a thursday
  • and that i actually made it to the gym after a VERY long hiatus - feels so good!
and because i can't resist, here's a christmas picture of my pups that i never got around to posting

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


for the new year.

changes are underway.

priorities are being re-shifted.

i am grateful.

and i am hopeful.