Tuesday, December 28, 2010

{photo shoot} Easton Cole - the Christmas elf!

it started out as a quest to get one photo for their christmas card, but turned into a full-blown photo shoot - once you see the cutest elf of all, you'll understand!









Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Yes, I realize it's 3 days before Christmas, but at least these are up before Christmas! :)

Thanksgiving this year was definitely one for the books - the ENTIRE fam came to Portland, including my nephew Luke who many of us met for the first time.  Many also met Easton for the first time, and a few met Eliana for the first time.

There may very well be a dis-proportionate amount of Luke photos (or baby photos, period) and to that all I can say is, I was in baby heaven and loving every second of it!

These are some of the moments I will forever cherish -

Making Romo dishes with my sisters and getting old family recipes from mom

Cousins Luke & Easton meeting for the first time

Nomers meeting Eliana for the first time
Eliana teaching Easton to crawl - what a helpful older cousin she was!  I'm fairly certain she was attempting to ride him in the second picture.

Temper tantrums thrown by little miss Kadence - she was down there for quite a while!
Sweet baby Luke and his momma Lyg - seriously, how can you resist the cuteness?!

Uncle Josh and Easton

The Heler girls together again!

PART OF...the feast!

Serious Spades playing by the men - yep, Reid managed to make Spades converts of them all!
And don't even get me started on Catch Phrase!  Playing into the wee hours of the morning - it was most definitely one of the highlights of Thanksgivng weekend!

Lots of silliness and laughter had by all, even little miss Eliana!

Proud grandma and mister Luke
Grandpa Heler and miss Kadence

Insanely fabulous Oreo Cheesecakes made by one Naomi
I wonder if he had enough to eat...
Oldest cousin Miss Mackenzie & Easton

Grandpa Heler & youngest grand-baby Luke
Bestowing much much love upon Luke - he enjoyed it, we promise!

Zoe got plenty of love too, especially from grandma Heler who met her grand-puppy for the first time

Bowling fun - Deric had some serious moves and just check out the crazy hair on Easton!
Had to end with mister Luke who simply melted my heart the few days I had with him - plans for a Dallas visit are already in the works!

Monday, December 6, 2010

luke wayne - 4 months {photo shoot}

meeting my nephew luke wayne waters for the first time at thanksgiving will forever be one of my favorite memories.  i fell head-over-heels for the cooing, singing, giggling, blue-eyed little mister known as luke.  his portland visit was much too short and i've been missing him dearly!

i was soooo happy to be asked to do a little christmas photo shoot of their fam (who am i kidding, i would have forced one upon them one way or another!) 

here's a sneak peek - just TRY not to swoon!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

currently addicted to...

i wish i could say i was addicted to running or eating my recommended intake of fruits and veggies (9 per day by the way - crazy!!), but no - i'm talking about ANGRY BIRDS!

i had heard so much about it and had even downloaded the free version of this game/app a couple of months ago, but it wasn't until last weekend i actually tried it for the first time.

let's just say, i COMPLETELY understand  the hype!  i'm not much into the latest and greatest as it relates to technology and especially as it relates to electronic games (we've never owned any sort of gaming system nor have a desire to).  that being said, there's something so incredibly addictive about exacting revenge on those horrible piggies who have the audacity to steal my eggs!!  oh goodness, my heart is starting to race just thinking about it!

yes, i even purchased the full version - best $.99 i ever spent!

try it out - i can't imagine you would be disappointed.  :)