Friday, November 12, 2010

keeping up is hard to do...

writing the title just made me think of the song 'breaking up is hard to do' - an oldie and a goodie! oh, i remember jamming to the oldies in my little blue beater corolla - the good old days! :)

so, it's been a losing battle trying to keep up any semblance of blogging the last few months - work and life outside of work have been equally busy and have left little room for anything else.

one of the highlights of the last month has been the addition of my sister Nina and her little man Easton to our household. we've had family live with us before, but never a 7 month old, and i can say it's been an adventure! our life has been turned upside-down, in a good way, and i am falling more in love with little Easton each day. check out his mesmerizing blue eyes and judge for yourself.

i loves him.





Bobi said...

love love love these photos.... can't wait to meet this adorable little guy.
By the way I do remember jamming to the oldies in your blue carolla once upon a time... and they were the good old, easier days. But these days aren't too bad either.
By the way... so glad to read a new blog from you! :) I love the new design too.

Kami said...

How fun!! Great pics, Tabs!!

jgorger said...

Love these! What a handsome boy!

erin said...

Aww... he is so adorable. Once again, wonderful photos.