Monday, November 15, 2010

i swore i would stay away...

from the newly opened Portland H&M store until the madness died down but like a moth to flame, i simply couldn't resist the urge and stopped by yesterday, on the first weekend they were open.  in my defense i had to return some items to the Nordstrom Rack right across the street, so it would have been silly to be feet away and NOT stop by, right??

while they weren't as busy as i anticipated - at least the children's floor wasn't - i must admit i was disappointed. 

maybe it was that the entire store looked like a disaster area

maybe my fashion sense has changed (could i be getting old - yikes!!) or

maybe it's because i'm trying to make a concerted effort to change my clothing buying habit from quantity to quality

probably a combination of all of the above

not only did the styles not intrigue me, the quality of most items left quite a bit to be desired, and the prices didn't match the quality.  all in all, disappointing, but who am i kidding, i will of course give them another chance at some point in the near future.

there was, however,  one item i simply couldn't resist, modeled below by sweet baby Easton, who yesterday turned 8 months old.




let's just say i liked the hat more than he did!


Hungry Girl said...

aaaaahhhh easton, u steal the show everytime cutie!
Tabs, i have to say i'm not shocked you were disenchanted with H&M. You always had a preference for the finer things in life ;-)

Eryn said...

that hat is adorable! I am still keeping my ear out for a baby care giver.

you should check out dara enns photography on fb. My friends sister lives in canada and recently used her...LOVE her style and work. :)just for inspiration.

Naomi said...

From someone who has been shopping H&M for more than several years now, I have to say that as they became more popular, their product quality went down and prices up. Five years ago you could find things that looked classy, were pretty decent quality (not great but good) and were worth the price.

Nowadays you really have to search hard there to find the one item that is nice and good quality. I would say their children's section is probably your best bet for clothes that are worth it, though some are getting pricey. Men's has some nicer stuff if you are looking at suits or dress stuff.

Otherwise, Easton looks so cute in the hat. The H&M trip just may have been worth it for that kid.

TabI said...

thanks, eryn! i'll definitely check out dara enns. :)

Bobi said...

I feel with you about H&M. I kinda had the same impression when I checked them out last Friday. Funny enough my cousins in Vienna literally have an H&M almost on every corner and they never really shop there. They were surprised at how much we like it here.
Seth has that same hat, I guess you and I are friends for a reason ;).
Happy bday Easton.