Tuesday, November 23, 2010

anticipation overload!

thanksgiving may be two days away, but today the anticipation starts becoming reality.  this year unlike any other, my excitement has overflowed and my giddiness has no bounds!  this year my ENTIRE family will be together for thanksgiving.  those of you who know my family know that is a huge feat, first because of my family's size (9 children) and secondly because we're spread out all over the country. 

out of towners -
lyg, deric & luke flying in from dallas today - cannot wait to meet my nephew luke for the first time!

naomi & florin flying in from chicago tomorrow

danny, otilia & eliana driving down from seattle tomorrow (where they've been visiting otilia's family) - can't wait to see little eliana again!  the first and only time i saw her she was 5 months old, and she stole my heart.

dad, mom, josh & rachel flying in from phoenix tomorrow

by thursday, the following crowd will be assembled in our home -
24 adults (immediate family + spouses)
3 children/toddlers
2 babies - MY BAD - make that 3 BABIES!
1 dog

yes, it will be chaotic
yes, it will be loud
yes, i have yet to figure out where everyone will sit
yes, there will be LOTS of food cooked and consumed (can't wait to cook romo food with my sisters!!)

yes, it will be a thanksgiving to remember, and i am so very thankful

(cannot wait to meet this little mister today - can he be any cuter?!)


Naomi said...

Umm you miscalculated somewhere there. There are either 4 children/toddlers or 3 babies. None of them are old enough to be considered adults.

Next, is Jen not bringing her dog?

TabI said...

nomers, you're absolutely right - i mis-calculated! there are definitely 3, not 2 babies!

and as far as i know, jax isn't coming, so zoe will be the only dog. :)

jgorger said...

Oh wow...what a fantastic time you all will have! Enjoy the time together and take lots of pics to share with us! Happy Thanksgiving!

Angie Muresan said...

I can't wait to see the pictures. Happy Thanksgiving, Tabi!

Bobi said...

Me too looking forward to hearing all about your thanksgiving celebration and hoping for the promised girls night out. ;)