Wednesday, March 10, 2010

the 80's!

no, i'm not referring to the decade, although what is it about 80's music that just makes me sooo happy lately?! seriously, it's the only music i can listen to in my car...otherwise, it's talk radio :)

i'm referring to what the temperatures will be in phoenix next week when we're there for my cousin dave's wedding.

just for kicks, here's a little comparison:

portland 10-day forecast:
Thu Mar 11 Rain / Wind 50°/48°
Fri Mar 12 Rain 51°/40°
Sat Mar 13 Few Showers 53°/39°
Sun Mar 14 Cloudy 58°/43°
Mon Mar 15 Cloudy 65°/47°
Tue Mar 16 Few Showers 61°/46°
Wed Mar 17 Few Showers 58°/41°
Thu Mar 18 Showers 60°/42°

Fri Mar 19 Mostly Cloudy 60°/43°

methinks there's definitely a trend...

on the other hand...

phoenix 10-day forecast:
Thu Mar 11 Sunny 66°/47°
Fri Mar 12 Sunny 72°/52°
Sat Mar 13 Sunny 74°/52°
Sun Mar 14 Mostly Sunny 73°/52°
Mon Mar 15 Sunny 79°/54°
Tue Mar 16 Sunny 81°/56°
Wed Mar 17 Sunny 82°/55°
Thu Mar 18 Sunny 81°/57°
Fri Mar 19 Mostly Sunny 81°/57°

yep, definitely looks better than rain

i am soooo ready to bust out the flip flops and tank-tops!

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Bobi said...

that's hillarious....mostly cloudy or rainy for PDX and sunny to mostly sunny for Phoenix. I hope you guys have a wonderful time. Love you much friend.