Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bright Star

my hubby who knows my love for things romantic and for period pieces surprised me by renting this movie a few nights ago. i didn't even realize it was out on dvd...

i'm not a literary genius, so i won't try to offer literary criticism of the movie. while it may not have been the best movie i've ever watched, i did find much to love about it.

the costumes

the love story

but most of all, and most difficult to put into words, this movie evoked and engaged my senses like no movie has ever done.

the textures


and especially the below scenes

i found my breath catch as i watched the breeze move through the sheer curtains. i felt as though i was alongside her, breathing in the same air. these were the moments that made me sigh and truly made this a movie worth watching.

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Naomi said...

Oooo, after I saw this post, I put the movie on my Netflix request and just got it yesterday. The plan is to watch it tonight hopefully. I can't wait.