Thursday, February 4, 2010

bad idea

it's a really bad idea to buy a pack of Oreos on impulse just because you're starving as you're walking thru Wal-mart

it's a really bad to have more than a handful of those Oreos for dinner because you're already late to class and don't have time to eat a real dinner

it' s a really bad idea to not throw away the rest of the Oreos like you promised yourself you would as soon as you got home

it's a really bad idea to eat way too many Oreos on the commute in to work the following morning because well, they're on the seat next to you and you need breakfast anyway

today, i'm really paying for all my bad ideas.


jgorger said...

Funny! At least your craving for Oreos will be gone for a while. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh I have been there and done that! Oreo's are too addicting to be anywhere in our house!

Bobi said...

Tab you're so funny, but I know what you mean. It's so hard to say no to oreos, in fact I have a box in my pantry but it's the reduced fat ones... not as good but when the craving hits they still work. ;)

TabI said...

J, well, I'm not that sure my craving for Oreos is gone; it seems to be one of those things I could keep eating and never get tired off...mmmm, they sound good right now! ;)

D, we don't keep them in the house either, but it's almost like I need blinders so I don't see them at the store either, b/c that's bad news!

B, I haven't tried the reduced fat ones, but I might need to b/c when the craving hits, it a bit ridiculous how my discipline goes out the window!