Monday, January 18, 2010

TV-free experiment

relative to just about anyone we know, R & I watch very little television. we gave up cable a couple of years ago, and while i sometimes pine away after the food network, hgtv and travel channels (R pines away after ESPN,) overall it wasn't a tough adjustment.

however, there are evenings, when wiped out from our respective work days, we've been known to literally veg out in front of our tv until bed time. most often, we're not watching any 'must watch' tv, but a movie R picked up from Redbox on his way home. other times, the Family Feud and Jeopardy are the highlights of our evening. and once we're been planted on the couch, there's not much that's going to change the course of our tv-watching evening.

yesterday, R came home with a cable that would allow us to hook up a laptop to the tv and watch whatever we wanted on hulu. we sat there for almost an hour trying to decide on a show or movie to watch with our new contraption, and realized there just wasn't anything we were dying to watch. R eventually settled on something; must have been great because i feel asleep about 10 min in and can't for the life of me remember what it was.

today, over lunch, R mentioned he wants to try and leave the tv off in the evenings. maybe one evening a week, maybe more, but we started today. i've always been very pro being tv-free in our home. we did it for the first year of our marriage when we lived in NYC, and with all the freed up time, we made some of the best memories of our marriage to date.

the tv hasn't come on this evening, although it was VERY tempting to turn it on while i folded laundry. it's only 8pm, but so far this afternoon/evening i've had time to:
  • walk zoe
  • finish 5 loads of laundry, including folding
  • catch up on ironing
  • start gathering all 2009 tax info
  • open and sort all mail; pay bills
  • dice up a pineapple
  • eat dinner
  • clean out purse
  • do some filing
  • write this blog post

and now with my remaining 2 hours till bedtime, i plan on starting and putting a dent in 'Eclipse.'

i knew it would make a difference, but i'm amazed by just how productive one can be when the tv isn't turned on. let the experiment continue! :)

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