Monday, January 4, 2010



is what i feel right now

the kind of pain that comes after jumping back on the workout wagon after a LONG hiatus

this pain is the result of Sculpt, a class i resumed today

a class that can best be described as boot camp condensed into 60 minutes

i have a hate/love relationship with Sculpt

i hate it the entire 60 minutes i'm suffering

i love the way i feel when class is over. oh and i love the quick results

i have no doubt i will be in pain for a good part of this week

beth, drill sergeant (aka, class instructor) said the following about 45 min into the class when most of us wanted to give up: "people aren't born with discipline; it's learned by making small choices every day."

i used to think i wasn't as disciplined as the next person

but apparently it's about many choices that add up

i'll try to remember that the next time i'm craving a big mac

side note: the new season of 'the bachelor' starts tonight...i wonder if i'll have the discipline to just say no this season

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