Sunday, January 17, 2010


i've made it to january 17 in my attempt to blog each day this month. while sometimes the words flowed easily, other days, i found myself at the end of a busy day, scrambling to write something just so i wouldn't miss a day. those days, it was no longer something fun, but a chore. i realized i don't enjoy blogging simply for the sake of blogging and for reaching a goal.

but the main reason i've decided to stop blogging every day is that my time is more precious than i realize, i have much less of it than i would like, and ultimately, i would prefer to spend it striving to be a better wife, better sister, better auntie, better friend, better employee and especially, a better servant. for me personally, truly succeeding at any of these requires real time investment, the kind of time that can only be spent away from a computer screen.


jgorger said...

well said...maybe once a week instead...or when something random and worth sharing happens. I do love checking you blog, its very entertaining! P.S. We need to Skype with you! Aidan would love to see you and Zoe!

tabitha said...

you're sweet, and i'm sure i'll keep blogging, just not every day and certainly not when i feel it takes away from more important things in my life. :)

i've never Skyped, but i've seen it done on the Oprah show...;) i'd love to try it, and especially to see Aidan's reaction to seeing Zoe-girl. how do i get started?

jgorger said...

Do you have a video cam? (there might be one built into your laptop) You just got to and download the program, create a user name and password and then we can video chat! We can look eachother up and add eachother as a contact and then as long as we are both online it will work. Its SO easy, free and great fun because we can all see eachother.