Wednesday, January 13, 2010

random tid-bits for a wednesday

  • this is my 13th post this month - apparently having a goal suits me!

  • soooo happy today is my friday eve! i have next monday off due to mlk day, and i'm taking a vaca day on friday...which means 4 day weekend!

  • american idol started yesterday, and i didn't watch it; not sure why, but i didn't really miss it

  • really bummed that our grand canyon hiking plans probably won't work out in march; turns out, the 'phantom ranch,' which is the only lodging available at the bottom of the canyon gets booked up to 13 months in advance. right now, the next available opening is Dec 12, 2010...ummmm, just 9 months after we were hoping to go. oh well, must come up with a change of plans

  • so grateful to have received a bag of apples from a co-worker, fresh from his family's orchard; i believe this will finally be the weekend i attempt to bake an apple pie

  • not sure why i've had lower back pain for the last couple of days; please don't tell me this is what i have to look forward to now that i'm in my 30's and slowly deteriorating! ;)

  • excited to book a massage appt. with a neighbor lady who's trying to get her business off the ground. cheap(er) massage for me, all around win-win; i love those!

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