Saturday, January 2, 2010

out with the old, in with the new

Unlike last year when the Christmas tree and decorations didn't come down till mid or even late January, on this second day of 2010, we seem to have been energized to put the craziness of the holidays behind us in a tangible way, and man it feels good to have the tree down and all ornaments put away in a day!

Maybe he made a resolution to be more organized this year because R even decided to borrow his dad's truck and clean out the shed and garage and make a trip to the dump today. Not sure why it surprised me, but I LIKE the new motivation to be and (hopefully) stay organized. What a great way to start off the year!

And I've just returned from a much needed hair color appointment. I had no idea just how faded my color was until she unveiled my newly dyed hair. Yikes!

To put the cherry on top of this day, my stop at 'Taste of Europe,' my favorite European speciality food store in Portland, resulted in more than just the salad I planned to purchase for my early dinner. After asking to try the feta cheese just screaming to be eaten from behind the glass case, I was hooked! I have consumed MUCH feta cheese in my 30 years but never like this. It was creamy in texture, much like goat cheese, with a taste distinct from any other feta I've had. I found out that it is Bulgarian feta made with 100% sheep's milk. Although traditional feta cheese is a sheep's milk cheese, often the feta that is mass-marketed is made from a mixture of sheep and cow milk or even just cow's milk. Which is just plain WRONG. What a difference the real thing makes.

I had other thoughts, but they all escaped once feta entered my mind. Must go spread some feta on ooey, gooey sourdough bread I just picked up. It's going to be a good evening. :)

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