Saturday, January 16, 2010

old, new treasures

i love the thrill of finding a bargain, get insanely giddy with excitement over a good buy, and i rarely pay full retail price for anything. however, one thing i've never enjoyed shopping for is furniture and home decor for the following reasons:
  1. furniture is stinking expensive, so the sensible part of my brain takes over and i simply can't bring myself to pay asking price, convinced there must be something similar out there for far less
  2. creativity in the home decorating arena is not my strong suit. i can see something and decide if i like it or not, but when it comes to creating my own style or putting together a room, i draw a big, fat blank most of the time!
  3. putting together a new look on a budget takes time, and who has time to run all over town searching for the perfect, affordable pieces?
  4. my tastes change and have changed significantly, in some cases, in the almost 5 years since we purchased and furnished our current home. i have no doubt my tastes will continue to evolve, so the last thing i want to do is continually dump money into changing tastes
as a result, our home decor has suffered from what i call the neutral, generic look, and i've decided it's time i get over my fear and put a little effort into updating our home and adding more personal touches. and what better time to start than with this 4-day wkend?

yesterday i had an epiphany (well, it was huge for me, anyway)...portland may not boast any flea markets, but it sure has many furniture consignment stores, and why i've never thought to explore them is beyond me. all excited about my idea, yesterday i visited 2 of them and was thrilled to find some smoking deals! more on that later, but i can tell you, it inspired me to want to furniture and home decor shop for the first time in my life!

i also decided to stop by the local salvation army thrift store on my way home, just for kicks, and i came to the following conclusions:
  • their selection is far superior to that of goodwill's
  • they are also much busier, which is not so fun
  • not much there in the way of furniture or good books, but they have every imaginable home decor and kitchen item
  • they have a collectibles section, which features items much more highly priced
  • i picked up a few things, mainly kitchen and cookware related, but the below items i saw there provided me with a few nostalgic moments, and that alone was worth the trip
we had at least one of these growing up; if i remember correctly, it will play music if the knob is turned. they had 2 of them for sale!

my mother used to be the macrame queen, and seeing the below piece on sale brought back memories of the elaborate, floor to ceiling creations she made during our grade school years. i'm not sure what happened to all of them...

this is the sign i noticed as i walked back to my car, purchases in hand. had i waited one more day, i would have paid 1/2 of what i paid, darn it!

if you have any suggestions re: tips, stores, websites, blogs etc. that I should try, please feel free to pass them along...i'll take all the help i can! ;)

in the meantime, i'm excited to try a few different furniture consignment stores today...

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