Monday, January 11, 2010

the bachelor...and a new low

just mere days after deciding i had the discipline necessary to NOT begin watching this season of 'The Bachelor,' i decided my monday evening would best be spent-you guessed it- watching 'the bachelor' for TWO hours. i blame it it on the monday blues, slim pickings on tv (for those of us without cable, anyway) and a conversation with a work colleague today that piqued my interest just enough for me to decide that maybe i would tune in for a bit...

big mistake.

i mean, i did watch the entire 2 hour episode, but i could literally feel my IQ dropping in the process. is it just me, or is this season the cheesiest one yet? i mean how many shots of jake shirtless in slow motion are really necessary per episode? and we get it, he's a pilot and proud of it; was it really necessary to title this season 'on the wings of love' and insert every pilot and flight related cliche into the episode?

i was cringing thru most of the episode, mainly from the embarrassment i felt for everyone on it, especially jake who seems so out of his element and awkard in almost every situation. what any of the ladies see in him is beyond me!

in conclusion, the show's 'cheese' factor is astronomical, the drama factor off the charts, the skank factor much too high...and yet, i can't deny that this may still end up being my guilty tv pleasure thru the dark, winter months.

shhh, don't tell anyone.

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Amanda said...

I haven't watched this season yet because of how cheesy all of the previews were, but it sounds like there is lots of drama and I love me some TV dating show drama!