Monday, November 9, 2009

three girls and a lake house

"I hear lake water lapping with low sounds by the shore...
I hear it in the deep heart's core."
-William Butler Yeats

3 friends finally connecting for a long overdue weekend getaway, a weekend that came together effortlessly

a lake house, miles and miles away from any semblance of the familiar. just go past vernonia, past mist, but not quite to astoria. that's where you'll find fishhawk lake and the lake house that was our respite for 3 days.

discovering the town of vernonia. ok, not much to discover or explore, but what was there was pleasantly surprising. bear creek pub & bar, cafe 47, blue house brewery - some of the places that caught our eyes. the kind of places so unique in character and charm, you want to take a seat and soak it in, thankful that "starbucks" and other chains haven't yet infiltrated.

lunch at the blue house brewery & mediterranean cafe. the pictures will have to do our meals justice, but suffice to say the ambience and food were equally impressive. i was also asked by the owner if i was from sunset magazine...apparently, he was expecting someone, and the big camera strapped to my neck did nothing to dispel the notion it could be me. i wish i could have said yes. :)

late, very late nights. i can't remember the last time i was up until 3:30am. it seems all it takes is lots of diet coke, chatty females and more topics of conversation that could ever be covered in three short days...even by chatty females.

driving around attempting to find even the smallest gravel patch on the side of road where we had enough cell phone coverage to make quick calls home and appease the worried hubbies

the ENORMOUS relief we felt when we realized we didn't have an indoor plumbing problem after all. turns out, the water to the house had been shut off to preserve the water pipes for the winter and we simply had to crawl around the side of the house and figure out how to turn it back on. huge crisis avoided.

the rain was ceaseless, but the blustery, storminess outside only further enhanced the cozy warmth we felt in our little lake house shelter. no schedule, no plans, just time to sleep, watch movies, bake ooey, gooey comfort food, watch "friends" reruns on dvd and read. read. read.

walking in the rain. maybe it's a nw thing, but rain is not a deterrent for many activities, even taking walks. the rain we walked in could be classified as "coming down in buckets" and maybe we were a sight to see, even in the nw, but i know we had smiles on our faces the entire time!


Bobi said...

thanks for the memories, I had a blast. The walk in the rain was so much fun as were all the other little experiances. Thanks for documenting it all. I'd love copies of the pics, you're camera is awesome...don't leave it unatended when I'm around. :) love you friend.

jgorger said...

Looks like it was a great weekend!

Naomi said...

Looks like fun and relaxing. Oregon is so beautiful. I miss those lakes and nature. I live in the concrete jungle out here.

hellooonurse23 said...

What a great weekend!!! By the way what did you need the photography class look like a pro! So much fun to just lounge in pjs all day eating and getting dressed for a walk in the rain only to come back and get dressed cozy again. So glad to have friends like you guys! Weekend of just sharing secrets, dreams, heartbreaks and most of all laughter! Love you girls and when are we doing our next trip?

monica said...

what a great idea for a weekend getaway with friends! looks like a lot of fun and what great pics! love the blogging, too.