Saturday, November 14, 2009

El Salvador - Day 2 (Sept 25, 2009)

Our second day in El Sal was one of pure bliss, a day that required nothing of us except to sink into deep relaxation mode, the kind of relaxation that makes even reading a book too strenuous an activity.

Day 2 highlights
  • Sharing the road with cattle, not an uncommon occurrence, we found

  • Spending all day at Costa Brava on the Playa el Zonte beach; our own slice of heaven. A small, open-air family owned restaurant atop a cliff overlooking a secluded stretch of beach. A beach that was ours and ours alone for the entire day. Paradise.

  • Facilities best described as rustic, unpretentious and absolutely fabulous!

  • Gracious hosts who set up hammocks for us upon arrival. How did they know the stressed out Americans desperately needed some serious R&R time?? :)

  • Extremely fine, black, volcanic rock sand unlike anything we'd seen or touched before. It was soft to walk on and made a great exfoliator too!

  • Warm ocean water and waves that beckoned us in for hours and hours of playtime. Found it hard to be motivated to sun bathe when playing in the welcoming waves was so much more appealing. Also found out that fighting waves is a great workout and builds an enormous appetite; good thing we had fresh seafood, cooked to order, at our fingertips!

  • The pina colada ordered by Monica which, when delivered, was a huge pitcher of beer instead; there was definitely something lost in translation there!

  • Reid helping a group of local fisherman get their boat in the water; the tide fought a good battle, but success belonged to the fishermen in the end

  • Dinner back in San Salvador, at Kamakura, Dave's favorite Japanese restaurant. Yep, we had fantastic Japanese food in El Salvador. Go figure.

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jgorger said...

Great nice to finally get to see some of your trip! I can see that you literally used the sand as an exfoliator on Reid's back! You both looks SO happy and relaxed! I can't wait to see more pictures.