Thursday, October 22, 2009

thankful thursday

because i have much to be thankful for
because i don't acknowledge it often enough
because i don't ever want to forget to remember

here's my list for today
thankful for
  • enough focus in my work day to result in a productive day indeed
  • leaving work at 4 (came in at 7, so it's a wash, really, but traffic is SO MUCH BETTER during the 4:00 hour vs. the dreaded 5:00 commute)
  • sailing thru the carpool lane WITHOUT getting caught; my lucky streak has continued for days now...
  • a dear friend who kept me company on my commute and shared news of her unborn baby's healthy status, as of a doctor's appt today
  • a phone conversation with a sister many miles away
  • arriving home before 5!!!
  • time to take pups for a long walk
  • the crispness in the air, the crinkle of red leaves under my shoes, the front porch pumpkins; all a sure sign that autumn is indeed here, a fact i was still in denial about, but today decided i will embrace
  • laugh out loud new blog entries from two of my favorite bloggers: Nomers and Lyg; yes, they're my sistas!
  • a hubby who comes up with delish dinner ideas on the spur of the moment; it's a gift!
  • for providing a fun and free way to discover music i love and remind me of songs from the past
  • rocking out to Abba and other 80's goodies while cleaning house
  • tomorrow's Friday!


Seafoodpunch said...

Man, your day sounds pretty awesome! I wanna job so bad! is that sad? or scary? or weird? probbaly all of the above.

Well, your mind probably changed yesterday. Thursdays are always way better than Mondays...

Bobi said...

I am always very thankful for you, my dear friend. love you much.