Friday, October 16, 2009

My Ultimate Luxury

Those who know me know I don't often indulge in luxuries--unless eating Swiss Rolls or Flaming Hot Cheetos counts! However, once or twice a year, I'm fortunate enough to be able to indulge in what I consider to be the ultimate luxury: a MASSAGE. I would splurge more often, but let's face it, massages are insanely overpriced, so I often rely on them as gifts.

Imagine my giddiness, then, when I received an email from Dosha Salon last week informing me of their "Exclusive Offer for Dosha VIP's" (apparently the only requirement for being a Dosha VIP is that they have your email address): a one-hour massage for $45, almost half what they normally cost. I promptly found a dear friend to accompany me and booked that massage faster than you could say "massage!"

The massage was yesterday after work, and I must give a HUGE shout out to Sarah Todd at the Dosha NW location for the best massage I have ever had! Oh, apparently, I am very stressed out, something she gauged by the amount of pressure my knotted up back and shoulders were able to withstand as she "worked" on me.

The VIP offer lasts until October 27th, so for anyone interested, here is a link to the offer. You must print off a copy and bring it in with you...enjoy!

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jgorger said...

Right now I am wishing I was in P-town so I could get a massage for $45! What a steal! Glad you enjoyed yours!