Friday, October 16, 2009

El Sal pics are coming, coming, coming...

They're coming, I promise! Technical difficulties have prevented me from posting any of them in the almost 2 weeks that we've been back from El Sal and it might be a few days yet. My laptop (the same one that no longer reads the wireless signal) decided to choose this month in time to run out of space, which means that there is NO WAY I can download the more than 1400 pictures I took, much less start sorting through and editing them before I can share.

I am determined to buy a new computer this weekend. This time, I want a desktop, much to my hubby's dismay (still don't quite understand why, though), and TONS of memory so I can go to town on all the pictures I intend to take in the future.

So please, be patient with me...the wait will be worth it, I promise! :)

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