Friday, October 23, 2009

Confessions of a Ripped-off Consumer

A few months ago, I watched 'Confessions of a Shopaholic,' very much a chick-flick, a movie that required nothing of me except to get lost in its goofiness and silly charm. While the movie provided an excellent 2-hour escape from reality, there was a song played toward the end of the movie that instantly struck a chord with me, and I had to know what it was! A quick search later, and I discovered the song: “Don’t Forget Me” by Macy Gray.

Well, since I simply had to own the song, my plan was easy; go to iTunes and pay the $. 99 to download the song, something I had done many, many times.

However, it was not to be, not this time.

When I found the song in the iTunes store, the “Add Song” option was not available to me; instead, there was a “View Album” option in its place. After clicking on this link, I was routed to a page where my only option was to “Add Album” for $9.99.

The awful truth hit me at that moment.

I couldn’t buy individual tracks off the album; I was being forced to purchase the entire album! Does this really happen? I didn’t really know where to direct my anger…is it iTunes fault, the recording companies’ fault? Whoever’s to blame, don’t they realize that not only are they angering their target consumers, they are losing revenue they would otherwise be making, especially if the 560 customer reviews (most of which are derogatory for this same reason!) are to be believed.

What I DO know is I REALLY don’t like feeling as though I'm being ripped-off! So, in protest, I REFUSED to pay iTunes the $9.99 and that was that.

Fast forward a couple of months. I still want the song. And my options haven't changed.

So, I finally caved in last night and purchased the entire album/soundtrack…but NOT from iTunes. Instead, I went to (who I love simply for their trustworthy $2.95 flat shipping fee, no matter what and how much you purchase) and gave them my business. All I can hope now is there are other songs on the album that will redeem this whole experience…but even if not, I have to believe “Don’t Forget Me” will be worth every ripped-off penny I paid for it. :)

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Naomi said...

Did you know you can purchase MP3s off Amazon as well? I haven't checked, but maybe that one was on sale by itself. Sorry about being ripped off.