Tuesday, October 6, 2009

30 dreams and aspirations for my 30th year

I'm inspired and determined to make this year the best one yet, and what better way to get started than by making a list? Here goes...
  1. Visit a water park, preferably one of these
  2. Learn to make a killer risotto
  3. Get my spiritual life back in shape; regular time in the Word and prayer, both lacking of late
  4. Bake my first pie, beginning with Sue's delish apple pie and then moving on to berries
  5. Stop procrastinating, or at least curb the procrastination. I've learned I primarily hurt myself when I do this
  6. Take a kite boarding lesson in Hood River
  7. Finally compile all my Europe pics from 9 years ago, all 3 months worth
  8. Begin creating a Heler Family Romanian cookbook, a dream of mine for a while now
  9. Read a biography or auto-biography (contenders: Billy Graham, Mother Teresa, The Bronte Myth, C.S. Lewis, Abraham Lincoln)
  10. SLOOOOOW down, aka, take time to smell the roses. I seem to have an especially difficult time with this because there's always more to be done...problem is, the to-do lists never end and meanwhile, I'm afraid I'm missing out on what life's all about.
  11. Take a Willamette River kayak tour using them
  12. Attend my first opera
  13. Become more confident in my decisions
  14. Visit a National Park, maybe this one next
  15. Travel to a foreign country (Thailand, you're at the top of my list!)
  16. Take a cooking class, either here or here
  17. Find a place to go para-gliding and go!
  18. Ditto for zip-lining
  19. Choose to be happy, one day at a time
  20. Spend more time with Grandma Carlson
  21. Take a bona-fide photography class
  22. Visit an orchard and pick apples, preferably in the Hood River "Fruit Loop"
  23. Discover new hikes in the beautiful Columbia Gorge
  24. Stop comparing myself to others. Not in the materialistic sense, but in ways that make me less confident about the gifts and talents I've been given.
  25. Watch all movies based on Jane Austen novels, preferably Masterpiece Theater style
  26. Grow a garden, however small, especially one with tomatoes, because there's really nothing like biting into a tomato off the vine
  27. Continue diving into the world of Sushi and finally learn to use chopsticks
  28. Learn the ins and outs of my first SLR, my 30th b-day gift from the hubby, and the first serious step into my very real passion for photography
  29. Take my cupcake baking to the next level...not sure what this means yet, but it'll be exciting!
  30. Make a photo book and give as a gift

Not sure if a year's long enough for all this, but I certainly aim to try! :)


Hungry Girl said...

I love the list! I also want to do 1/2 the things on your list! Especially going to a water park! I wanted to this summer, but Deric wasn't game. JK! We went to a dinky local one, but it doesn't count because we went in the evening and it was cool and I was out of shape, and my short bottoms chaffed the insides of my thighs and they were sore for a week!
P.S. I am so sorry for forgetting your milestone birthday :( I love your new birthday prsent from Reid.
Seriously, may God bless you with more than you can hope to dream of, may the next 30 years be 30times better than the last 30, and may you check off all the things on your list!
Love you tabs!

monica s. said...

Great list! I volunteer to visit Thailand with you :)

When my friend went to Belize with her husband she made a photobook; It's incredible. I wanted to surprise you with one I want to make of our El Salvador trip. Were you going to make one of that trip?

TabI said...

Monica, i have a couple of other photo books to work on before I would consider an El Sal one, so to answer your question, no, for now, i won't be making one of that trip. :)

Well, it sounds like a Thailand trip is in the cards for us...we certainly have the desire, now just have to find a way!

Naomi said...

Hey, once you compile the Europe photos, you can make the photo book out of them.

I also like the list. I may steal a few of those. For some creative cooking ideas, check out Bakerella.com. There are some cupcake like ideas. Enjoy!

Angie Muresan said...

I had no idea you compare yourself to me! Just kidding!!! ;)
I actually believe you are one very self-confident young woman, and you have much to be proud of. Great list Tab!