Thursday, September 3, 2009

To Camp or Not to Camp...

So for weeks now, our Labor Day plan was to go camping at Bench Lake (one of the lakes at the base of Mt. Adams in Washington) with Reid’s fam and possibly other couples/friends. I have no recollection of what we’ve done for Labor Day the last few years, so must have been extremely uneventful (aka: boring.) Well, hubby and I were discussing the trip again last night and both started re-thinking our plan to go…and because I’m a list person and am actually truly interested in weighing the pros/cons, here goes:

Pros (reasons to go)

  • I NEED TO GET AWAY! Away from everything that reminds me of the insanity of the last few weeks and especially this one. A change of scenery and 3 days out in the middle of nowhere could do wonders to restore my soul and melt away the stress.
  • Sitting in a chair inches away from the lake, reading my favorite novel of the moment…Mmmmm…few things sound more desirable than that right now. :)
  • Being free of TV, laptops, cell phones, etc. would undoubtedly sloooooowwww time down
  • Pup-a-roo would have a blast
  • Camp food; everything tastes so much better in the woods!
  • SMORES (with good quality chocolate; none of that Hershey’s stuff)
  • Not being on a schedule
  • Not having a mile-long to-do list to consult
  • Proving that we’re not boring people; we still have a sense of adventure, darn it!
  • Proving that we’re not old fogies whose idea of relaxing is bumming around the house. Not that we have anything to prove to anyone…but with my 30th b-day a mere 11 days away, I’m feeling the need to prove all sorts of things to myself.
  • Campfires
  • Getting back to what life is really about and maybe, just maybe, feeling normal again, even if just for 3 days

Cons (reasons to stay in town)

  • The last few work weeks have been the definition of insanity and I’m running on VERY low reserves right now; the idea of vegging out at home in front of the TV or with a good book for the entire weekend is extremely irresistible
  • I won’t be able to leave work early on Friday; potentially, I could be working late, which means at the earliest we would leave for the lake is Saturday morning, thus cutting our lake time short
  • The lake is a good 2 – 2.5 hour drive from home. Oh, and the last 30 miles of the drive are on a gravel road; that won’t work too well with my motion-sickness
  • This is going to be real camping, aka, we will be “roughing it,” which defines as “without refinements, luxuries, or ordinary comforts or conveniences.” Yep, that sounds about right…
  • No packing required
  • No un-packing required
  • Rain. If it rains even a little bit, camping will be miserable and quite the opposite of an enjoyable experience. Problem is, I can’t seem to find a forecast for Bench Lake anywhere…it’s almost as if the lake doesn’t really exist. That certainly speaks to how remote it is…and the weather is a HUGE factor in our decision.
  • I could go get a massage instead! :) :)

Well, if this list resulted in anything, it was in making the decision even more difficult! There are more reasons to go AND to stay than I originally considered. HELP!

And, oh yea, here's a pic of the lake...add that to the "Pro" list!

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monica said...

puh-lease! 2-3 hour drive is nothing. GO! You will be out communing with nature.... GO!