Monday, September 14, 2009

It's official...this girl is 30!

Being wished a happy 30th birthday seems surreal in so many ways; i want to tell the well-wishers, 'you've made a mistake, i'm not 30. really. you've got the wrong person.' i'm not sure i'm quite ready to enter into another decade just yet. i'm not sure all the business in my 20's has been completely taken care of. i need to go back to 25, at least, and then SLOWLY work my way to 30, savoring each precious minute, hour, knowing how quickly they pass on by without looking back or hesitating even once. and i don't feel 30. not sure what 30's supposed to feel like, but i KNOW i don't feel it. and yet, it's here. a new chapter and i'm (sorta, kinda) ready to welcome it...or i will be; just give me some time to let it sink in, really sink in. maybe about 5 years worth of time. in the meantime, here i go, 20-something at heart, 30 on paper. but i have to believe, must believe, the 30's are going to be fabulous!


jgorger said...

Happy Birthday!! You are ready to take on all the years just gets better with age! Don't you think? I love the pics of you when you are little!

Bobi said...

ok... you are so funny today I watched a Friends episode it was all about them turning 30 I'm bringing that to the lake house we're gonna have a good laugh watching it. Yes I know I have yet to experience it but no worries it's coming in just a few more months. I just realized that I'll have just given birth like 2 weeks before there is no way I will be having that big bash birthday party like I thought I would... Oh well what can you do. Some things don't go according to plan.