Wednesday, September 16, 2009

El Salvador countdown: 7 days

I'm learning all sorts of fun facts about El Salvador; here are a few of those nuggets...

  • El Salvador is a country in Central America, and geographically, it's considered part of Continental North America. That means I'm technically not leaving the continent for this trip!
  • The capital is San Salvador. That's where we'll be staying.

  • El Sal is located on the Pacific Ocean and is gaining a reputation for having some of the best surfing in the world.

  • El Sal is the smallest country in Central America (area equal to that of Massachusetts,) but it's the most densely populated with more than 6.5M inhabitants.

  • The country is divided into 14 sections called "Departments."

  • El Sal has 25 volcanoes, 14 lakes and 4 large cities. CAN'T WAIT to visit some volcanoes!

  • Their climate consists of 2 seasons: DRY (Nov - April) & WET (May - Oct)...lucky us, we'll be there during the WET season

  • El Sal's official currency is the US Dollar (since 2001), but it's highly recommended to only bring $20 bills and smaller

  • Coffee is El Sal's most important cash crop; about 1/2 of El Sal's income is derived from coffee exports. Can't wait to have me some coffee and tour a coffee plantation!

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