Saturday, September 19, 2009

El Salvador countdown: 4 days

Talk about a BIG sense of relief! When we drove to Seattle last Monday morning, passport renewal appointment set at the closest Passport Agency, we were under the impression that our passports would be processed on the spot and we would walk out with them in hand. Well, that may have been the way the process worked when it was newly implemented, but we were very quickly informed that no, it would take a few days for processing, and then they would be mailed to us. Well, GOOD THING we went on Monday and not the end of this week; we truly would have been out of luck, and I don't even want to contemplate that scenario! In order for use to receive them in time, we were told our only choice was to overnight them via FedEx, so of course, we chose that option. But talk about inefficiencies...the 2 small passports couldn't be mailed in the same FedEx envelope; no, we had to pay for 2 separate FedEx Express deliveries. Not cheap. There is definitely something to be said for not waiting until the last minute to do this sort of thing; the elevated cost of doing "business" last minute, and let's not forget the hidden cost of unnecessary STRESS. Not worth it. Oh, and how can it be 10 years since my original passport was issued?!

It would appear we are completely set for this trip now, legally, anyway. No, the packing hasn't begun yet, just a small (ok, big) thought given to how in the world one packs for a forecast that calls for temps in the high 80's and scattered thunderstorms EVERY DAY. All I can hope is it's a tropical-like forecast where it rains for a few minutes and then the sun comes out and stays for the remainder of the day. :)

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