Monday, August 17, 2009

This pups is a year old!

Happy Birthday, Zoe-girl!

Some highlights from the past year:

Zoe-ness at about 6 weeks; when Reid first went to take a look at her

At 8 weeks old, the first time I saw her; on my 29th b-day

First Pumpkin Patch experience; could she be any cuter?!

1st time at Cannon Beach; a little unsure of the sand
Happy Halloween! She was the cutest cheerleader you've ever seen.

The first time I saw this my heart melted

She wasn't enjoying the snowstorm nearly as much as we were
Always so curious...

Happy Birthday to a big girl! The hat did NOT stay on very long...


jgorger said...

Happy Birthday Zoe!

Bobi said...

In the birthday hat picture it almost looks like your smile is as big as Zoe's...almost!

Bobi said...

oh by the way the pic. with the 3 of you out in the snow is a perfect christmas card pic.