Sunday, August 23, 2009

The source of my happiness this weekend...

  • Leaving work at 3 on Friday...not for lack of volume of work, but simply because I had no more left to give after 2 of the most insane weeks ever worked
  • Being greeted by her kisses when I walked in the door on Friday made the craziness of the work weeks a distant memory
  • Getting home in time to have an entire evening alone to put the house back in order; admittedly, not a glamorous way to spend a Friday evening, but after being gone/busy/out of town for weekends on end, bringing some semblance of order to the home is therapy for my soul
  • THE TRIP TO EL SALVADOR IS OFFICIALLY BOOKED!!! (not sure if 3 exclamation points are enough to convey how thrilling this is!)
  • Receiving the too-cute wedding thank you card from Nomers & Florin
  • Finding the Sept issue of this in my mailbox; the best part? A one year subscription = $5 thanks to an amazing deal-of-the-day! Haven't dug in yet; waiting for an un-interrupted block of time when I can immerse myself

  • Getting thru mountains of laundry; enough said
  • Getting on the right path to some much needed purchasing 3 of these at one of my favorite stores, hands down!

  • Having a breeze blowing through the house because I was able to have the windows open for 3 straight days
  • On Sunday, making it to Costco when the doors opened at 10am, thus beating the insanity that is Costco on Sunday afternoons. I was out of there in 40 minutes flat, and that included time spent perusing the book aisles
  • Making time to finish this book...and in the process discovering a new favorite author.

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