Tuesday, August 25, 2009

rain, seriously, go away!

i was not prepared to see you when i walked out the front door this morning. i am not ready to wake up to dark skies. i am not ready to put away my summer flip flops. i am not ready for the all-day yawns you induce. i am certainly not ready for the mile upon mile of traffic backup you cause in the mornings. i am not ready to deal with commuters who forget how to drive when the rains come. i am not ready for bbq season to end. i am not ready to end the long walks on warm summer evenings. i am not ready to deprive the closet of my rain jacket. i am not ready for flat and frizzy hair. i am just not ready.

so please, please be patient and if you must, come back in a few months.


jgorger said...

You should come visit us...it still hot, sunny and over 85 everyday!

figuring it out said...

At least you'll be prepared for our vacay. It's gonna be humid (maybe rainy) in El Salvador and I don't really have waterproof clothes or gear :( Good thing getting caught in the rain is one of my favorite things.... along with long walks on the beach :)

Hungry Girl said...

there is a REASON I don't live in the Northwest! sitting pretty in 88 degrees :)