Tuesday, August 25, 2009

rain, seriously, go away!

i was not prepared to see you when i walked out the front door this morning. i am not ready to wake up to dark skies. i am not ready to put away my summer flip flops. i am not ready for the all-day yawns you induce. i am certainly not ready for the mile upon mile of traffic backup you cause in the mornings. i am not ready to deal with commuters who forget how to drive when the rains come. i am not ready for bbq season to end. i am not ready to end the long walks on warm summer evenings. i am not ready to deprive the closet of my rain jacket. i am not ready for flat and frizzy hair. i am just not ready.

so please, please be patient and if you must, come back in a few months.

Recycling is a good thing

...so it's a good thing I've discovered an ingenious way to recycle cardboard. :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Perfect Lunch

Feta Cheese
Multi-grain chips

Today, I could not have asked for more; it was the perfect meal.

The source of my happiness this weekend...

  • Leaving work at 3 on Friday...not for lack of volume of work, but simply because I had no more left to give after 2 of the most insane weeks ever worked
  • Being greeted by her kisses when I walked in the door on Friday made the craziness of the work weeks a distant memory
  • Getting home in time to have an entire evening alone to put the house back in order; admittedly, not a glamorous way to spend a Friday evening, but after being gone/busy/out of town for weekends on end, bringing some semblance of order to the home is therapy for my soul
  • THE TRIP TO EL SALVADOR IS OFFICIALLY BOOKED!!! (not sure if 3 exclamation points are enough to convey how thrilling this is!)
  • Receiving the too-cute wedding thank you card from Nomers & Florin
  • Finding the Sept issue of this in my mailbox; the best part? A one year subscription = $5 thanks to an amazing Amazon.com deal-of-the-day! Haven't dug in yet; waiting for an un-interrupted block of time when I can immerse myself

  • Getting thru mountains of laundry; enough said
  • Getting on the right path to some much needed organization...by purchasing 3 of these at one of my favorite stores, hands down!

  • Having a breeze blowing through the house because I was able to have the windows open for 3 straight days
  • On Sunday, making it to Costco when the doors opened at 10am, thus beating the insanity that is Costco on Sunday afternoons. I was out of there in 40 minutes flat, and that included time spent perusing the book aisles
  • Making time to finish this book...and in the process discovering a new favorite author.

El Sal, we're on our way!

Remember this post? Hard to believe 4 months have transpired since Monica and I made the "we must take a 30th birthday trip" decision. Those four months have been more crammed than I ever remember summer months being and as a result, the trip was put on the back burner...until Friday, that is! The trip is officially booked, and the 10 days at the end of September can't arrive soon enough.

Why El Salvador? Many reasons, but I'd be lying if I said having a cousin who currently lives there wasn't a highly motivating factor. Traveling to a continent and country that would most likely not be at the top of the list became much more desirable with the promise of a built in tour guide. And unlike any other trip I've taken and planned, I have no idea what to expect nor have I done a lick of planning...and oddly enough, therein lies the excitement!

More to come in the next few weeks; stay tuned! :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

This pups is a year old!

Happy Birthday, Zoe-girl!

Some highlights from the past year:

Zoe-ness at about 6 weeks; when Reid first went to take a look at her

At 8 weeks old, the first time I saw her; on my 29th b-day

First Pumpkin Patch experience; could she be any cuter?!

1st time at Cannon Beach; a little unsure of the sand
Happy Halloween! She was the cutest cheerleader you've ever seen.

The first time I saw this my heart melted

She wasn't enjoying the snowstorm nearly as much as we were
Always so curious...

Happy Birthday to a big girl! The hat did NOT stay on very long...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Brick wall

I have hit a mental wall; long days at work in succession made that inevitable; the only problem is, I don't have the time/luxury of taking off for the day and recharging. Instead, I must find a way to break thru the wall and continue working.

The last couple of months have been the "calm before the storm." Well, the storm is officially here and I feel like I'm drowning, fueled by multiple cups of coffee daily and nothing else besides a determination to put a dent in my mountain of work. That determination succeeded until about 10 minutes ago and I'm finding it hard to care...